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Hands gripped his shoulders, shaking him out of the dream with an insistent voice. “Tyler, it’s just a nightmare. Come back to me.”

Tyler opened his eyes and saw Dani’s worried face in the moonlight shining through his window.

“Are you okay?” she asked. “You called out my name.”

He realized his hand was trembling as he reached up to touch her face and let it flop back to bed.

“You were shot . . . you and Noah.”

“Oh, baby.” She took his hand and put it over her heart, the steady beat thumping against his palm.

Suddenly, he realized he wanted more than just the pace of her heart in his hand. He wanted her body and soul, to lose himself in her and let his love for her chase the fear away.

Flexing his fingers, he slipped them over the mound of her breast, his gaze locked on hers as she sucked in a breath. Her nipple puckered against his skin, and he reached up to squeeze both full mounds at once.

She threw her head back, her eyes closed and mouth open in a little O.

And surprisingly, he was no longer worrying about losing her, but whether or not he would be able to last long enough to finally feel her around him.

Rolling her beneath him, he reached past her to the drawer next to the bed. He pulled out a foil condom wrapper and kissed her lips hungrily as she helped him out of his boxer briefs.

Tyler yanked on her lacy thong, unapologetic when he heard the skimpy fabric rip. He dipped his head to suckle first one nipple then the other, loving the way she arched her back against his mouth, pushing more of her flesh between his lips.

Finally, he pulled away to rip the condom wrapper open and slid the latex over his painfully erect dick.

He didn’t ask permission or wonder if they should wait this time. Just kissed her as his hand sought her entrance, and her arousal soaked his fingers. There was no more foreplay, no more playful prepping.

He needed all of her, and he needed her now.

Tyler pushed into her with one smooth thrust as Dani’s thighs hugged his hips, a heavy sigh escaping her lips. He didn’t even pause, too caught up in the warm stretch of her body encasing him as he rocked against her, short deep thrusts that had her crying out softly every time he pressed forward.

His movements became harder, jerking slightly as he held himself above her, watching her face. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open slightly, and he could see a hint of flush on her cheeks.

“Dani, I’m close. So close, baby. I’m going to need you to come, because, fuck, you feel so fucking good. Come on, sweetheart.”

Beads of sweat broke out on his forehead as he concentrated on her satisfaction as he increased his tempo. Finally, she broke around him, her hand gripping his bicep as she screamed his name, her channel spasming around his cock, squeezing him until he couldn’t hold out any longer. He came so hard it bordered on pain, his hips still moving after he was spent.

Falling to his side off her, he pulled her back against him with a sigh. “That was definitely worth the wait.”

Dani released a breathless laugh as he stood up to go clean up.

When he climbed back in behind her, he thought she might already be asleep.

Until she wiggled that sweet little ass back against his cock.

“See, now you’re just asking for it,” he murmured against the side of her neck.

“Maybe I am. Is that a problem?”

“Not at all.” His hand spread over her naked stomach, traveling down to cup her. “Although, it might take me a while to recover.”

“That’s fine, I can wait.”

His finger dipped between her folds, and he placed his mouth against her ear. “I want to hear you scream again. You’re always so careful to be quiet, to not wake Noah.” He pressed her clit and started rubbing it in slow circles. “I want you to let go and shout my name so loud the roof shakes. I want to feel you soak my hand as you come.”

“You’re awfully demanding,” she said huskily, her hips rotating in a circular motion. Her breath hitched every so often, and he soon waited for it, speeding up his motions until there were no longer breaks in her cries.

When her orgasm overtook her, she did scream his name, and he didn’t need any more recovery time. Covering his cock with another condom, he pushed inside her as they lay on their sides, her back to him. He cupped her breasts, squeezing and testing their weight as he thrust inside her slower, using more control this time. He trailed kisses over her neck and shoulder, unable to stop talking dirty against her ear, his tongue running along the delicate shell.

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