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“Do you like it when I fuck you? When I slide my cock into you and take you slow and deep?”

“Yes, yes.” She was panting, pressing back into him, and he pulled out, but he was enjoying himself, enjoying her.

“Because your body tells me you want it faster, rougher, harder.” To demonstrate, he slammed into her, and she gasped loudly. “Well?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes to everything.”

Chapter Twenty-Six

THE MORNING LIGHT swirled into the room, and Dani lifted her arms over her head, stretching. Her muscles ached, and she was sore in the best possible way.

Turning over to look at Tyler, she was surprised to find his eyes wide open.

“Morning.” His dark, raspy voice sent a shiver down her spine as she recalled all the naughty things he’d whispered when he’d taken her that last time on all fours, rocking the bed until it squeaked in protest.

“Good morning. How are you feeling?” she asked.

“Better, especially with you here.”

His words warmed her from her stomach to her chest, joy spreading out to the tips of her fingers.

“I left my bag downstairs, and I kind of want to brush my teeth,” she said out of the blue.

Tyler propped his head up on his arm, his expression puzzled. “Okay, so?”

“Well, I’m a little . . . embarrassed to prance around naked in front of you.”

“If you’re going to prance, I need to see this.”

“Stop it,” she said, pushing at his chest. He caught her hand, holding it against his skin, his eyes locked with hers.

“If you want me to turn around so you can grab your bag, I will, but you don’t have anything that you need to hide from me. I love everything about you.”

There was that word again. Love. All night they’d made love, cuddled, and talked, yet neither of them had said the words. Not in their simplest form, at least. They’d alluded to it, but they hadn’t strung the words together.

What was she waiting for?

“Fine, I’ll grab it.” Sitting up with her back to him, she tried to take the sheet with her and wrap it around her body, but he wrestled it away from her.

“You suck,” she hissed.

Standing straight as she came around the edge of the bed, fighting the blush that seemed to be covering her from head to toe, she stopped dead in her tracks when she caught sight of what Duke had in his mouth. The sides of her frilly pink thong hung from either side of his massive lips, and the crotch covered his lower jaw like a bandit’s bandana.

“You dog is chewing on my underwear.”

Tyler crawled to the edge of the bed, laughing. “At least he has good taste.”

/> “Not funny, those were expensive.” She marched over and reached down to pull the underwear out of his mouth. “Duke, drop it.”

Instead, the massive dog scrambled to his feet and, taking advantage of his newly cast-less state, took off down the hall as fast as his long legs would carry him.

“Damn it.” She took off after him and rounded the corner in time to see the dog actually toss her thong in the air as if it was a toy, catching it again with surprising accuracy.

“Tyler, your dog is playing keep away with my panties!”

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