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But of course, Mara’s completely shocked. Her jaw is on the floor and her eyes are as wide as saucers.

“Holy cow,” she breathes.

A dark chuckle escapes my lips. Perhaps we should’ve warned Mara what she was getting into tonight because all we told her manager was that we wanted Mara again, and no one else would do. After all, this is our girl’s second test. If she can’t handle tonight, then Casper and I will know that the curvy girl’s not right for Club Z.

But she could still be right for us. To be shared, without letting any other man touch her. Unfortunately, at the moment our girl is completely stunned.

“What kind of party is this, exactly?” she asks in a choked voice, her eyes fixed the debauchery going on around us. Moans are beginning to fill the air, and sure enough, I spy Lindy crawling over to a handsome man on her hands and knees. Her pert bottom sways in the air and she coyly places her hands on his thighs as he grins down at her indulgently.

“It’s a special party,” Casper says gently. “Why, do you like it?”

Mara makes an odd gurgling sound.

“I don’t know if ‘like’ would be the right word. ‘Unexpected’ is more accurate.”

I nod.

“Yes, we kind of threw this on you without giving you advance notice. But would you have come otherwise?” I ask in a low tone.

Mara swallows, still unable to tear her eyes from the debauchery.

“I don’t know,” she admits. “It’s really crazy, don’t you think?”

Actually, the shenanigans are par for the course because this is what makes Club Z special. We provide a safe space for our male members to indulge, and at the moment, quite a few are exercising their right. But my brother steps in then.

“You’re a beautiful woman, sweetheart. Perhaps you’d like to disrobe as well? These girls have nothing on you, and you might feel more comfortable if you’re nude.”

Mara’s cheeks go scarlet as she turns to look at us.

“Oh no, absolutely not,” she stammers. “Not in a million years. I can’t!”

I smile at her. “Okay, okay shhh, honey, it’s totally fine. You aren’t required to. We just want you to be comfortable and thought you might enjoy showing off some of those curves.”

Mara clutches her beaded evening bag close to her generous chest.

“Um, no. I’m not comfortable taking my dress off in front of these folks at all.”

Casper and I share a level look.

“Do you want to leave?” he asks gently.

There’s a pause and then the curvy girl turns to look at us.

“No,” Mara admits, and I know that she’s speaking honestly. She’s titillated by what’s going on around us, even if she’s not entirely comfortable.

“Okay, so what would you like to do?”

The curvy girl edges closer to my side so that she’s almost pressed up against me and blushes slightly while whispering, “I just want to watch for a bit. Is that okay?”

I slip a large arm about her waist.

“Of course, honey. Watch as much as you like. It’s totally fine, and we’re not going to push you if you’re not ready.”

The sweet woman takes a deep breath and nods, but then lets out a startled gasp because Lindy’s caught her eye, and sure enough, the pretty blonde is bringing out the big guns per usual. She’s nude and kneeling between the knees of a handsome man as he slowly guides his cock into her mouth. But it’s Lindy’s sheer sensuality that startles us because as we watch, her jaw almost unhinges in order to accept that massive anaconda. Holy shit, this is amazing! Is Lindy double-jointed? But soon, the man’s shaft is buried to the balls in her throat and he’s groaning musically as her cheeks hollow with suction. As we watch, a small hand drops between her thighs as she strokes herself, and soon a long string of girl grool drips to the carpet, forming a wet spot on the expensive pattern.

“Oh my God,” Mara breathes. “Goodness!”

But Lindy isn’t the only one putting her assets to good use. Sara and Tawny, two of our best, are engaged in a dirty sixty nine as three men look on, their expressions hungry as they squeeze their shafts. Sara’s pink tongue darts out to lick Tawny’s swollen folds as the other woman lifts her heads and lets out a moan of pleasure. Sara then bites softly on Tawny’s clit, and a rush of honey runs out onto her tongue like a prize.

“Oh my God,” Mara breathes with shock. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Oh it’s happening alright,” I say in a soothing tone. “But honey, you look downright steamy. Are you sure you wouldn’t like to take off your dress? Everyone’s doing it.”

We survey the scene, and sure enough, all of the women have disrobed by now and are stroking their assets as men watch hungrily. Quite a few are already being penetrated, and judging from the looks of ecstasy on their faces, the sensation is fantastic.

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