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A few men nod at my brother and I as we stand next to the bar within a rented suite in an upscale hotel. My brother and I are hosting a play party tonight, and we opted not to use the Redwood Hotel for this one. While the Redwood has turned out to be an amazing investment for our business, we still like to shake things up sometimes. As a result, we’ll still rent suites for Club Z events, and it’s a fun time for all.

After all, we’re in the business of providing pleasure for Club Z members, and encourage a totally uninhibited, no-holds-barred approach. Membership is fuck-ass expensive, and only men with ridiculously high net worths actually score a coveted invitation. The ladies, of course, attend free after a rigorous screening process. Believe me, it’s not the easy to find the right “hostesses” if you will. We require not only beauty and elegance, but also intelligence and a certain something about each woman. That’s why we use City Girls.

I admit, Casper and I are total fucks for going about our business this way, but we’re not above recruiting from our competitors. Of course, City Girls is in a slightly different area, seeing that they don’t host play parties, but we cater to approximately the same clientele. As a result, my twin and I sometimes pose as clients and hire out women from our competitors, only to steal them if the girl is worth it.

But it seems we’ve happened upon a real prize with Mara. She’s not just sexy and imaginative, but she’s got a brain on those shoulders and a career as an attorney to boot. She’s hard-working and granted, she was a bit repressed when we first started talking, but once we got her in bed, any qualms we had dissolved. Mara took a dildo in her ass like an experienced whore, her bottom pucker sucking up the toy like a hungry anaconda, and we knew then that she’s the one for us. We want Mara for Club Z, and this is our way of introducing her to the life.

Of course, we’re not telling her any of this. Hell no. Instead, we’ve arranged this party as a test. We want her to look around to see what it’s about, and maybe even play a little. If she’s game, then we might pull back the curtains and begin the full court press to join Club Z.

Meanwhile, the party around us is just beginning to surge. Women clad in skimpy yet elegant cocktail dresses circle the room as handsome men in dark suits arrive. Canapés are being served, and of course, there’s top shelf liquor for anyone who wants to indulge.

But where’s Mara? Suddenly, the front door cracks open a bit, and sure enough, it’s the curvy girl herself. She looks ravishing in a maroon dress that hugs her curves paired with sky high black stiletto heels that emphasize those long legs. Her curls done in a loose updo that frame her angelic features, and Casper and I share a glance. Fuck, we want to keep this woman for ourselves.

“Hey sweetheart,” I say, striding over to pull her into the room. “Thanks for coming.”

Mara looks around the room, confused.

“Is this where we’re supposed to be?” she asks as her eyes survey the elegant furnishings and sophisticated guests. “I thought we were going on a date? I didn’t realize it was a cocktail party.”

“No it’s fine,” growls Casper. “We just wanted to shake things up a little, but this is definitely a date.”

“Oh, I see,” gulps Mara, her eyes going wide as a particularly sassy redhead in a cut-out gown sweeps by, giggling. “Totally get it.”

I grin. She’s a little off balance, but I’d say things are off to a good start.

“Can I get you a drink?” I ask courteously.

Our girl swallows heavily again, and I long to kiss the slender line of her throat.

“Just some water, please. Or maybe a mimosa. Do they have those now, even though it’s evening?”

“We’ll see,” Casper growls before disappearing to the bar area.

Meanwhile, I take Mara’s elbow and escort her further into the living room where there’s a palpable charge in the air. I exchange a look with a pretty young blonde, Lindy, who’s sitting in the lap of a handsome gentleman and turn Mara to face me.

“So how have you been?” I ask conversationally as Casper returns with the drinks. She takes a long sip of her mimosa before answering.

“Well, actually I wanted to talk to you,” she begins, her expression serious. But then Mara’s words are cut off by a startled “oh!” and I pivot to see what’s the matter.

Sure enough, all around us the party’s beginning to take off. Women are giggling as they undo zippers and unclasp buttons. Dresses come slithering off, revealing luscious curves encased in the finest lingerie, and our hostesses sashay and shimmy as they approach the lucky male guests. Hell, I see Nicole and Candy from the corner of my eye, and they’ve literally stepped out of their lingerie too. Come to think of it, maybe they weren’t wearing lingerie to begin with, but as they seat themselves in their male companions’ laps, no one seems to mind. Instead, I watch as one man’s hand slides between Nicole’s legs as the other man latches onto Candy’s pink nipple, sucking ravenously. The two girls moan and throw their heads back because it’s game on.

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