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“Fuck she’s wet,” Clay rasps, holding up the tiny scrap of fabric to show his brother. Sure enough, the gusset at the center has a large damp spot, and Clay leans forward to lap at it slightly with his tongue. “She’s fresh and sweet.”

Casper merely growls and pushes my knees apart. “Yeah, but I’m going in for the real thing.” Then he buries his face in my drenched folds and I let out a scream as shudders wrack my frame. He’s thorough and utterly sensuous, lapping wetly at my sopping hole before pushing in deep. Then he nibbles lightly on my clit before dropping down to lave his tongue over my dark star.

“Wha--?” I gasp, jerking my head up to stare at him. “OMG, what are you doing? That’s off-limits!”

But his brother merely pushes me down gently, capturing my lips with his own.

“Shh, baby,” he hushes. “Nothing’s off limits when it comes to your body. All of this belongs to us, and it’s going to be fine. Just let Casper do what he needs to.”

By now, my frame is wracked with pleasure and I pluck at my nipples as Clay points his cock at my mouth.

“Can you take it, baby?” he rasps, those blue eyes blazing. “Would you like to swallow?”

I blink a bit in confusion as my asshole and pussy are licked by his brother. What? When did Clay get his cock out? But dreamily, I notice that both men have undressed and their massive swords are bouncing between their thighs, ridged and huge, not to mention slick with moisture at the tips. OMG, I’m taking these two tonight? I shiver suddenly in fear, but Clay leans close again and breathes in my ear. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. We won’t hurt you, I promise.”

A rush of reassurance warms my soul, and like a good girl, I part my lips to form a perfect “O,” inviting his penetration. A glow lights the man’s eyes and he points his shaft at my mouth, cradling the back of my head with his hands as I swallow inch after inch. He’s huge and my eyes water as that enormous shaft hits the back of my throat, making me choke a bit. But I force my gag reflex away, earning another deep suckle on my clit.

“Good girl,” Casper rasps from below. “You’re doing great, baby. Suck that shit.” Then with a chuckle, he sits up and reaches in the bedside drawer for a bottle of lube. Sure enough, an industrial sized tubed appears, but he also pulls out a black dildo that makes my eyes go wide. The toy is at least ten inches long, glistening slick and shiny in the light. I let out a muffled “mphphp!” in protest and arch my back, but my mouth is embedded on Clay’s shaft and I’m literally pinned in place.

Casper grins and smooths his hand over the turgid rubber. “Don’t worry baby. I’ll give it to you slow. It’s not going to hurt one bit, I promise.”

What the hell? Don’t they want to put their real cocks in me first? But even as the thought crosses my mind, Casper looks me in the eye.

“Yes, but I need to plug you before we put this in baby. Can you stretch your mouth to fit both of us, sweetheart? I know you can.”

I shake my head furiously in protest, but Casper’s already kneeling on my other side, the tip of his cock probing at the corner of my mouth. No. His brother’s face-fucking me at the moment and I can’t accommodate another man, absolutely not. But then, the tip of his rod pokes in slightly and my eyes bug out of my head. OMG, it’s really happening! I squeal a bit in protest, but Casper merely groans as Clay chuckles.

“She can do it,” he rasps. “I felt her throat muscles pulse in anticipation when you stretched her lips.”

By now, I can hardly believe this is real life. I have twin alpha males kneeling near my head, forcing me to simultaneously suck both of their enormous rods. My face feels stretched to almost painfulness and my gag reflex threatens to make a mess at any point. But the men know what they’re doing and Clay leans forward to ghost a hand over one nipple before reaching down to pinch my clit.

“Mphh!” I squeal as pleasure rockets through my sweetest spot. “Mphp! Mphph!”

He laughs and then meets his brother’s eyes over my prone form. “Keep going,” he rasps harshly. “She’s real wet and can take it.”

Casper grins and continues to slide, and soon I have two lengths of massive dick buried in my throat. The sides of my mouth ache and I’m sure my cheeks bulge like a chipmunk, but I also feel oddly proud that I’ve accomplished this.

“Mmmm,” I moan headily as Clay strokes my clit in praise. “Mmmm.”

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