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“You have me.” I sit up long enough to slide my shirt up, pulling it off, baring more than just my body to Keller. It’s my soul. So many words sit on the tip of my tongue, but right now isn’t the time to give them to him.

“Thankful for that, but you need to know, Lana, you have me, too.” His eyes are on mine, soulful and so deep with meaning, but his hands… God, his hands are coasting up the tops of my thighs, thumb sweeping closer to my center as he moves them upwards. “I’ve got a question, though,” he asks.

“What’s that?” I reply breathlessly, my eyes leaving his and going to his hands instead, not only feeling but watching what he’s doing. It has nothing on what my imagination was thinking.

“I want to take you bare, no condom this time. I know you were on birth control before.” This is new. Before, when we were friends with benefits because let’s call a spade a spade, that’s what we were, I told him we could forgo the condoms, but Keller wasn’t having it, so him asking this is another way he’s letting me in.

“I’m still on birth control, but, Keller, are you sure?” I don’t want him to have regrets, not with me.

“Fucking positive. Been thinking about it non-stop. Using my hand raw imagining sliding inside your cunt bare, painting you with my cum. Shit, the vision alone had me coming so hard, I can’t imagine what’s going to happen once my fantasy becomes reality.” Well, I guess that answer solidifies everything.

“Keller,” I purr. My hands touch my breasts, plucking at my nipples with that visualization.

“You keep doing that, I’m going to have fun down here and enjoy the view you’re giving me,” is his response. Whereas before, I’d have no problem closing my eyes, this time, there’s no way I’m missing a single thing.

“Okay.” My breath is husky. The head of his cock is at my entrance. My body feels heavy and full of desire. Keller’s thrusts hips. His length is completely inside of me, hard and firm, not giving me any time to get used to him. And it’s been so long, too long. We’ve done some hot and heavy petting, using our hands and mouths, but no sex. That was Keller’s doing, but I’d be a liar if I said that it gave me life, too.

“God, Alana, you feel so good.” He’s not lying. I swear I can feel every nuance of his cock—the vein that runs along the underside of his length, the flared head. It causes me to pinch my nipples harder.

“More, please, you have to move, Keller.” My body is arching up, attempting to move him with my body.

“You asked for it. Next time, you can take me slow and steady,” Keller says, moving my legs so they’re in the crook of his arms, and he does one better, managing to spread me open farther, his hands going to the bed. I’m open like a damn butterfly as he fucks me. There are no other words to describe it. I move my hands away from my breasts to his shoulders, needing something to hold on to with the way he’s taking me. Not only that, a girl needs to be able to dig her fingers into her man, leaving her own mark on him in their wake.

“Keller, lips, I need your kiss.” He’s looking at where we’re connected, where my wetness coats the inside of my legs along with his shaft, allowing him easy entrance, and I swear I can feel his cock halfway to my stomach with the heavy pounding he’s giving me. There’s no need for a response. Keller lowers his body even more, his pubic bone hitting my clit, lighting a fire deep inside my soul just as our lips meet. It’s a clashing of lips, finding a rhythm, and when Keller mimics with his tongue what he’s doing with his body, I rip my mouth way. My body tightens as earth-shattering lightning shoots from beneath my closed eyelids, and I scream out his name, “Keller!”

“Lana, damn it!” My eyes snap open after being screwed shut, and I feel the tingling sensation overwhelm me from the tips of my toes to the hair on my head. I swear when I feel his cum pulses inside me, it triggers another orgasm on my end. My fingers clench deeper into his shoulders, and I’m sure Keller will have bruises from me come morning.

“Son of a bitch,” he grunts on one last pump of his hips, twisting them in just the right motion that the second orgasm I thought I already had, well, it really happens. Keller drops down on me, weight and all, moving his arms so my legs can wrap around his thick, muscular waist. I love the way he feels pressed against my skin.

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