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“You okay?” I ask, voice thick with lust.

“Never better, gorgeous. Let me clean you up, then we’ll get some sleep. Jace won’t be home until later in the afternoon. And I definitely haven’t had my fill of you yet, Alana,” he whispers softly into my ear, probably feeling the rise of goose bumps his voice gives me with the promise he delivered.

“Will you stay with me a little longer?”

“Not going anywhere. You feel that?” Keller lifts up but shifts his hips, letting me feel his hardness that hasn’t gone down. Holy crap.

“Okay.” Our lips find one another’s, and Keller stays inside of me, just how I want him to.



“Hmmm.” Alana buries her face deeper in my throat. I’ve been up for a while, keeping still, letting her sleep after waking her up in the middle of the night. My mind is on nothing but needing to completely connect with my woman.

“You deciding on finally waking up, gorgeous?” I kiss her forehead, waiting for her eyes to open.

“Shhh.” Her fingers move from where they were on my chest to over my heart, showing me she still thinks about me, even in her dreams. The tips of her fingers are on my lips while she continues to shush me. All it does is tempt me even more, which is why I open my mouth and bite down on them.

“Keller!” That wakes her up. This time, Alana is the one to move so she’s on top of me, bare breasts in front of my face, which is exactly where my attention goes.

“Up here, Mr. Hart.” And now I’m having lustful thoughts of her.

“Alana, you put your tits in my face, what do you think is going to happen? Now, you going to kiss me or not?” I could have Alana on her back in a few seconds, but her like this, it’s fucking hot.

“Oh, I don’t know. You kiss me, or I can do this.” She rocks her hips back until her cunt is sliding along the underside of my cock.

“I’m thinking I’ll just lie here and let you have your way with me. It’s only fair since I took you so hard earlier. This time, we can go nice and slow.” I prop my arms up behind my head, watching as her wetness coats my dick.

“That works for me. I’m not going to complain.” Alana lifts her hips. Her hand goes to my cock, gripping it and positioning it at the entrance to her center.

“Fuck, yeah, I wish you could see the view I have from here. Your body, so fucking luscious, tits bouncing with every movement, nipples pebbled, begging for my mouth. Those long locks of yours a damn mess from me fisting my hands in them, lips plump, pussy weeping with need, body quaking with wanting to be on my cock, yet there you are, not only denying me, but you’re also denying yourself,” I lay it all out for her, telling her the whole fuckin’ truth.

“God, Keller, what you do to me, the words you say, how devoted you are, it means so much to me. When I look at you, I’m not just looking at a man. I’m looking at the kindest, most loving gentleman who, while, yes, we had a few bumps in the road, but you showed me just how deep you run, and I can’t wait to see where we go in life,” Alana responds, then moves her hand off my dick, making me want to cry because now she’s not holding it, but I let out a hiss just the same as she lowers her wet pussy onto the head of my cock, sinking down inch by torturous inch.

“That’s right, Alana, take me deep. Just you and me here, always,” I admit. Coming from a man who was hell-bent and whiskey-bound to never settle down, I sure as fuck have no problem thinking about all the ways Alana is my present and my future. A learning curve for me to let her in, but once I did, I let her all the way in.

“Always,” she repeats the last word I said. The way she said it, I know we’re both feeling the same way, words at the ready yet not quite there yet, but I know one thing: When the time comes, she’ll know it’s not just words I’m saying but the meaning, the measures I’ll go to prove to her that I’m deserving of her love.

“You ready to go faster, gorgeous?” I ask her after her head tips back, hands going to my knees that I have propped up for her to use as leverage.

“Not quite, but I have a feeling I won’t be able to stop you either.” She’s right about that. I move to the headboard at my back, then my mouth goes to her nipples, sucking and pulling on them, feeling how much she likes it when her cunt pulsates along my cock.

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