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“Faster, Lana,” I murmur against her skin, smooth, flavorful. I’m fucking addicted. I thrust my hips up as she slides down, my attempt to get her to move faster than how she’s moving now.

“Not yet. This is my ride. You promised, Keller.” Shit, she’s right, but not being in control, not being the one to get her to orgasm, it’s fucking hard. I like knowing it’s me doing the work, making her come so hard she’s seeing stars.

“You got about two more minutes to get us there, or I’m taking over.” That spurs her on. She kicks it into high gear. My mouth moves from one nipple to the other, giving them every bit of attention I can while not losing my concentration of Alana’s pussy holding my cock in its vice grip.

“Keller.” Her head tips forward. My lips leave her nipples. I want to swallow her cry.

“Lips,” I demand, getting her to focus, and the second we mesh together, lips and tongues, she lets go, and with one flex of my hips, I let go with her. Alana’s arms are slung around my neck, and when our kiss is over, I don’t know if I’m ready for a nap or if we should move this to the shower, get clean just so we can get dirty all over again.

“I don’t think I can feel my toes.” Our foreheads are pressed against one another’s, and I’ll be damned if her admission doesn’t get my male pride all ruffled.

“Shower or nap?” I ask in a proud voice.

“Shower, then nap, please and thank you.” I smile because that’s right; I’ve worn my girl out, and I plan to do that until our boy comes home.



“Hello, anyone home?” I ask, walking through the unlocked door of Keller’s house, still not used to being able to do that. Shoot, I have a key, and half the time, I still knock instead of using it.

“Alana, you’re finally here. I thought you’d never show.” Jace runs around the corner. I’m stepping out of my shoes, hands full of groceries, but I’ve got no problem dropping them to the floor when his little arms are wide open, expecting a hug.

“Why would you think that? Did your dad burn breakfast again?” I tease because just last weekend, Keller burned the bacon and eggs. He never did that before, and now that we’ve talked, solidified where we are in our relationship, it makes sense that he was a million miles away.

“I did not. Why are you two ganging up on me anyway? A guy makes one mistake and doesn’t live it down,” Keller interrupts us hugging with a soft smile. God, he’s something to look at—tall, lean, and there’s something to be said when a man wears a basic white cotton shirt, worn-in denim jeans, and is barefoot.

“Not this time. But dinner was disgusting last night. Sorry, Dad.” Jace spins around, lifting up his shoulders.

“At least you tried it. That’s all I could ask. Plus, you didn’t mind the steak too much.” I arch my eyebrow, questioning what he made that Jace didn’t like. From what I’ve seen, he’s not too picky.

“Alana, Dad made cauliflower.” Jace looks from me to his dad. I try not to make a face, unfortunately failing. “See, Dad, no one likes cauliflower.”

I look up at Keller. This time, it’s me who shrugs my shoulders. I go to stand up to greet him. It doesn’t come without the help of Keller’s hands, though that could be because his lips are pressed against mine the second I’m on my feet. And while we only saw each other only twelve hours ago, the kiss he presses against my lips, it’s one of want, need, and desire all rolled into one.

“Hey,” I say, my chest moving up and down.

“Good morning, gorgeous.” He has everyone coming over to his place today, so I got here early to prepare the food with him and Jace, plus make a few things. And when I say everyone, I mean Grams, Gramps, and all of the Harts. This would usually frazzle me, but it’s not today, probably because we’ve done this separately before, more in a one-on-one setting. Us with Grams and Gramps, then with the Harts, which was unorganized chaos yet still fun.

“Dad, Alana, that’s so gross. I’m going outside. Maybe you can talk him into getting a dog like Uncle Tanner has for me, pretty please?”

“Smooth move putting the please at the end, bud. I’ve told you we can’t right now. I’m about to be ramped up with work in the next few weeks. Then who would train him to pee outside, feed him, take him on walks?” Jace isn’t looking at his dad. Instead, his eyes are on me, hands up to his chest in a begging manner.

“Maybe we could ask someone for help.” Keller looks at me, and that’s when Jace winks. I am totally being snowballed.

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