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“Fuck, but I love you, gorgeous.” I barely get the words out before her lips touch mine as she finagles her body around, straddling my lap. My hand grips the cheeks of her ass, kneading them, pulling her closer to my length as our tongues tangle with one another, her flavor so unique to her, it’s got me addicted.

“Keller.” Alana’s hips rock, needy, and it’s all for me.

“Gonna take you to bed, strip you of your clothes. The only thing that’s going to be left on your body is going to be the ring I place on your finger,” I tell her, pulling away from her sweet lips.

“Now,” she pleads.

“Give me your hand, Alana.” She does as I say while I take her ring off my finger.

“Oh my God, Keller, it’s gorgeous.” The ring is a single solitaire on a gold band, simple yet profound, just like the woman I’m going to marry.

“Glad you like it. Not sure what I would do if you hated it,” I admit. Picking out her ring was something I wanted to do alone, not have the outside world sneaking in on what was going on between the two of us.

“Like it? I love it. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to take this to the bedroom and make love to my fiancé.” She moves her pussy as close to my cock as she can get.

“Fuck yeah,” I respond, then stand up with her in my arms, her legs wrapping around mine, and I already know that tonight, I’ll be the one with bite marks on my neck, chest, and arms to keep her from waking up Jace while we celebrate all through the night.



One Month Later

“Did you have a good birthday?” I ask Jace. We just got home from the trampoline park, where we all celebrated him turning the big number six. At first, Jace was just going to have the party at his house, until our boy asked to invite his whole class from kindergarten, and even with it being summer, everyone seemed to turn up. I guess that happens when you’ve been with the same class since pre-school, and you go to a private school as well.

“The best! It was so much fun. Do you think we could go back again?” We’re all sitting on the couch; really, Keller is lying in the chair, his feet propped up on the matching ottoman, head tipped back, and he’s either resting his eyes or sleeping. That leaves me and Jace up and still moving, though I’m sure it’s because he’s still coming off a sugar rush. As for me, I’m lamenting over all of the presents that need to be put away. Right now, they’re overtaking the foyer. By the way Keller dumped them and sat down, I’d say he’s not concerned in the least.

“I don’t see why not. I’m thinking we wore your dad out. What do you think?” Jace’s head goes to my shoulder; a tired yawn escapes him.

“I think so, but he is older, like, way older than you are.” God, I love this kid, so sweet and great for the ego. Keller isn’t that much older than me—thirty-three to my twenty-seven.

“I heard that, stinkpot,” Keller responds but doesn’t lift his head to say so.

“That’s okay. It’s the truth. Hey, Alana?” Jace asks.

“Yes?” I run my fingers through his hair. Jace’s head is in the crook of my arm.

“There’s one present I didn’t get that I’d really like. Do you know what that is?” I rack my brain, trying to figure out what he could be talking about. Jace is probably the humblest kid you could find. Rather than material things, he’d go on adventures, like the one we’re going on next week. Keller and he have a tradition. This year, Jace picked the Grand Canyon. We’re going to fly out west, land in Nevada, rent a small motorhome, and drive around to sight-see as much as we can. Of course, there’s another surprise when we come back home. I found a puppy that Keller and I decided on, something not as big as Tim, Tanner and Marlie’s Golden Retriever, yet not a teeny tiny poodle either. It’s why we settled on a Border Collie. The downside was that the male puppy we put a deposit on wasn’t going to be ready until closer to the middle of summer. It kind of worked out so we could be stress free on vacation, though it’s going to be hard to get him potty trained by the time school is back in session.

“I have no idea. Didn’t you get everything you wanted at your party?”

“Well, yeah, but this isn’t a present-present. Dad, will you wake up? I need your help for this part.” I’m at a loss for words, watching as Keller gets up, clearly not sleeping like he had me fooled with. I watch as he opens the drawer to the end table and hands papers to Jace.

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