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“What’s going on?” I ask.

“Jace has something important he wants to ask you, seeing as you’ve already put a dent on our wedding plans, making all our lives easy. He’d like to ask you something.” Keller isn’t wrong. With us living in Florida, we can have a wedding any time of the year. Summer means sweating, which made the decision easy to celebrate our wedding in November, when the weather is crisper and cooler.

“Alana, I’d really like to call you my mom, and with dad marrying you, I want us all to be a family.” I don’t get past anything besides hearing Jace say he wants to call me his mom.

“Oh gosh, Jace, that’s… wow. I have no words, honey. It’s the sweetest, kindest, most amazing thing anyone could ever ask me, and I would be honored to be your mom with or without the papers. You are my greatest gift.” I wrap him up in my arms. Tears are streaming down my face. I’m a blubbering mess, and that’s when I feel Keller’s arms come up behind us where we’re sitting on the couch. We fall back, his arms there to hold us through the saddest but also the happiest times.

“Thank you, Mom,” Jace says, and I swear to God, the water works start right back up, and this time there’s no control.

“No, Jace, thank you. Thank you so much for trusting me to be a part of your life forever.” I kiss the top of his head, cherishing this moment.

“Alright, but that doesn’t mean you get to steal your mom from me. No cavorting behind my back on movie nights either. I’ll cut you off on ice cream,” Keller lightens the mood.

“If you cut me off, I’ll just call Nana. Not like mom wouldn’t sneak me some anyway, you know.”

“Jace isn’t wrong. We women run the world,” I tell Keller. He steals a kiss from me, soft and sweet with so much depth behind it that I know this was the life I’ve always dreamed of, and I’m a very lucky girl to live it.



One Year Later

“I see my wife is in the mood to ride her husband’s cock.” I’m on our bed, hand on my length, stroking it as Alana crawls up the bed not wearing a stitch of clothing. This started in the shower. We’re enjoying a night alone, something that’s hard to come by as Jace gets older with his hectic schedule of school, sports, and friends. He’s almost seven and is busier than most grown adults.

“You wouldn’t let me in the shower. I think it’s only fair since you didn’t get me off.” She’s referring to when I went down on her, one of her legs over my shoulder, spreading her wide open, and I wouldn’t let her get off. I still won’t until my cock is buried deep inside her cunt.

“Remember that the next time you wake me up with a blowjob only to get interrupted by the phone you didn’t have to answer.” We’ve been married for eight months now. Neither of us wanted to wait. As soon as it was planned, Alana took the lead, Marlie designed her dress, and the venue was set, a small affair at the beach. Well, small in the form of our big family. Alana had Leena and Marlie stand up for her on one side, my brothers Tanner, Asa, and Deke on the other as we said our vows. Of course, when her gramps walked her down the aisle, there wasn’t a dry eye; not even I was immune to the magnificent beauty of Alana in her wedding dress walking towards me. She had everything planned, including how to incorporate Jace and formally adopting him once our wedding license was delivered.

“You know if I hadn’t answered it, they only would have called back and woken up the entire house, then we’d all be miserable instead of just you.” She shrugs her shoulders in a way that you know she’s full of shit instead of being sorry.

“Then I guess you better get to work to make up for it, or you’ll be the one not getting off.” Her tongue peeks out, licking her lower lip, and I know I’m in for another treat.

“You wouldn’t, not when the house is empty.” It is. Jace is with my parents along with our Border Collie, Crockett, so even he can’t wake us up.

“Gorgeous, I don’t think you want to tempt fate.” She’s between my spread legs, watching me work my cock for a few strokes, then she dips her head, hair blocking my view of what she’s about to do, and there’s no way I’m missing that. I move her hair to one side, looking and feeling what she’s doing to the tip of my cock as her tongue slides along the head before she dips down to gather the precum in her mouth, seeing her swallow then repeat the process. Fuck, it’s a beautiful sight. It doesn’t last long. I know the reason why, since she’s got her legs pressed together, ass up in the air, and trying to find relief, pressing her thighs together, wiggling, attempting to get herself off.

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