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“Get on my cock, Alana, now.” I use my hand that has her hair gathered, pulling that delicious mouth away from me.

“Keller.” She likes when I get bossy, but if she keeps pushing me past my limits of no return, she’ll definitely hate it.

“That’s right. Use your pussy to get me wet,” I tell her as she moves her body, legs spread in a lewd fashion, a beautiful fucking view of bare pussy weeping with wetness, begging for my length.

“I have something to tell you, Keller, but I can’t concentrate when you do that.” Her knees are digging into the mattress at the side of my hips. I use my own to drag the underside of my leg against the lips of her pussy. She rocks into me, eyes closing in complete rapture.

“You better get it out now, or the only thing you’ll be saying is my name.” That’s when she drops her body, taking my cock to the hilt, eyes opening for me.

“Keller, I’m pregnant.” Her cunt tightens around me, fluttering and making my head spin, along with the news she just gave me. I close my eyes, because of the contentment I’m feeling. Never thought I’d get this, not in my wildest dreams.

“Say something, please.” Apparently, I kept my mouth shut too long. Our life spins in a reel in my head—the three of us becoming four, a little girl hopefully by our side, the pure happiness radiating around Alana. When I lift my head up, opening my eyes, she’s right there waiting, body close to mine.

“Happy, gorgeous, so damn happy. I’m enjoying this moment, relishing the way you told me we created a life while I’m inside you, Alana. I thought having Jace was my greatest accomplishment. Then you came into my life, adding to it, and now this little one. Fuck, it’s a lot for a man to take in, to know that I’m the luckiest guy there is. I just needed a moment. Thankful as hell to have you just like this. Love you, Lana, forever.” It makes sense now that while we were out to dinner, she didn’t ask for a glass of wine like she usually does.

“I love you, Keller. God, do I love you.” There’s no way she’s staying on top, not this time. I stay inside her, not leaving her warmth yet flipping us over so she’s on her back, my body hovering over hers. It’s everything, which is what I’m going to give her every day of my life.

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