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“You okay?” I ask.

“I think I should be asking you that. I practically kidnapped you from your parents, uprooted your life, and we’re basically on the run,” he says, trying to hide his need for sleep.

“I’m okay, I promise.” He pulls me in, wrapping me up in his arms. His head lands between my breasts, and he holds me. I’m not sure if it’s for my sake or his own. I bask in this moment, both of us being still. Not a word is spoken, nothing needs to be said. We stay like this for a few minutes until Leo lifts his head.

“Why don’t we do one better, you wash my back and I’ll wash yours.” He wiggles his eyebrows, causing me to laugh. The heaviness that was on his face moments before has all but disappeared.

“That was the worst. Who uses that anymore?” I question while trying to get my laughter under control.

“Your man,” he grunts, standing up. Leo picks me up, hoisting me over his shoulder and marching towards the bathroom.

“I guess we’re showering together? Saving water and all that?” My hand uses his ass for purchase and maybe to feel him up a little bit. I mean, it’s only fair, right? His own hand is on my ass, practically doing the same thing.

“Damn straight.” Leo slides me down the length of his body, allowing us both to feel each other, every slope and curve of my body. When I feel the bulge of his length, it makes me long to feel it deep inside me.

“Leo.” My breath leaves me. He cups my cheek as he kisses me. Leo isn’t slow and tentative, oh no. He devours me, as if he’s wanted me as long as I’ve wanted him, from the moment I first laid eyes on him in my father’s study. I knew then Leo was the one for me, even with the weight of the world falling down on my shoulders.

“I feel you, baby, but I’m not taking you yet. When I do, you’ll be in my bed, naked, writhing beneath me, and I’ll take you all fucking night long.” His words make the ache inside me build higher while also plummeting my hopes that tonight will be the night.

“Okay.” I step back from him, ripping my clothes off, knowing that Leo really needs the rest, but also, I really want us both to find pleasure.

“Slow down, Tinsley. We have time, and I want to watch as you show me every inch of your body. A body that I’ve been fantasizing about more than I’ve ever had the right to, until now.” My shirt is over my head, my leggings long since discarded. I’m in nothing but my matching bra and panties. It’s the one thing I splurge on for myself. All of them have to match, no matter if it’s cotton, lace, satin, or silk.

I nod and slow things down, taking my hair out of its messy bun, letting the long tresses fall around my shoulders.

“Your turn,” I respond. Now that he’s asking me to hold on, I want to take everything in that is Leo Martinez. He pulls his shirt over his head, giving way to his warm skin tone, muscular build, and hair that’s sprinkled across his chest. My gaze never leaves his hands as he unbuckles his belt and then the button of his pants. We both stepped out of our shoes the moment we entered the room, or this could have really gotten awkward.

My breath hitches when he lets his pants fall to the ground. Last night, he was in shorts when we went to bed. Tonight, he stands in front of me sans clothes, and he’s definitely not wearing boxers or shorts. My eyes home in on his slight happy trail that leads to the small thatch of hair giving way to his hard length. The way it’s pointing towards his navel, long and thick, has my mouth salivating.

“Don’t even think about it, Tinsley.” He’s reading my thoughts plain as day. My knees are threatening to buckle. I want to lick, suck, and taste Leo’s cock.

A whimper sounds. I don’t realize it’s coming from me until Leo stalks towards me, like I’m his and only his. I don’t move. It’s not until the water is raining down on our slick skin that I realize we’re in the shower. My bra and panties are still on, the fabric becoming translucent. Leo’s eyes are devouring me, all of me, the curves, the softness in my midsection, and by the way he’s looking at me, it’s as if he couldn’t want me more.

“God, Tinsley. You’re fucking beautiful.” His voice is like a prayer. When Leo’s lips land on mine, I immediately open for him, wanting to savor his flavor as our tongues twine together, both of us giving what the other wants. The palm of his hand curves around my breast. I’m thankful that this is a lace set, so I can feel the heat of him through the fabric.

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