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“Leo,” I moan. He takes his mouth away from mine. I feel his tongue lapping along the way to where he sucks on that spot, that very spot that has my hips searching for the friction I so badly need. Leo loves to tease my collarbone. It sets off something that’s explosive deep inside of me.

I want his mouth on my breasts, so I reach behind my back for the clasp as his mouth makes a path to my aching chest.

“Yeah, beautiful, show me what you want,” he groans against my skin. I drop my arms, and the lacey scrap of fabric drops to the floor. My hands reach for the band of my panties, wanting to slide them off, when Leo’s lips land on my nipple. I look down, watching as he watches me. It’s the highest of highs.

His tongue lashes at one nipple then moves to the other, his hands roaming my body, leaving my flesh warm and tingling. My hands gravitate to his shoulders, finding purchase as one of my legs hooks around his narrow waist, needing to feel him even if he won’t take me tonight.

“More,” I croon. Leo grabs my thigh, pulling us as close as we can physically get. The scrap of lace hindering me from feeling him completely.

“I’m going to give you more, but first I’m going to kiss, lick, and suck these pretty nipples. Then I’ll get down on my knees, my face in your pussy as I taste you. And, Tinsley?” The heat in his eyes tells me he means every bit of what he says.

“God, Leo. I want that so damn much.” Leo does what I least expect—he grinds his cock against my mound, causing me to arch further into him.

“I’m going to make you come again and again.” Then I feel his warmth leave my body. I open my eyes, wanting to see what Leo is doing. He’s down on his knees before me. Those calloused hands of his against my smooth skin leave a searing path of heat. My panties are being peeled off my body until they hit my ankles. I step out of them, kicking them to the side. I’m standing in front of him, the man who has become the only person I could ever depend on or lean my head on his shoulder when I need someone to just be there with me. That’s who Leo is. Not all of him—there’s no way he could ever be one dimensional, not with all the facets he’s shown me along the way.

His head rests on my lower abdomen. I watch as his shoulders rise and feel the exhale as his shoulders deflate, and that’s when I realize Leo was breathing me in, he was fucking scenting me. Something tells me this is a way of marking some kind of ownership of me. Little does he know, he doesn’t have need to. He’s mine as much as I’m his.



God damn, the smell of her soft skin along with the essence of her cunt is a fucking aphrodisiac. My hand grabs her thigh, placing it over my shoulder, wanting those pretty legs of hers spread open, giving me the room I need to lick and taste her. Her scent alone is earth shattering. I can only imagine what will happen when she falls apart beneath my lips and tongue. It will only pull me further into the depths of her very soul.

“Please, Leo.” The water is still pelting on my back. Some of the splatters are skating a path down her skin.

I give her what she needs. My tongue teases the entire way to her clit, her bare pussy only heightening both of our senses. I lick her once, then twice. After that, there’s no stopping, no teasing. My mouth suctions around her clit while my two fingers glide in carefully, not wanting to hurt her.

Tinsley’s hands fist my hair, pressing me where she wants me. When her cunt relaxes, my fingers glide inside, thrusting in and out, scraping the walls of her pussy while I keep my lips wrapped around her clit.

“Oh God, Leo,” she screams as her body starts to quake. I’m relentless. I want to stay right where I am, giving her all the pleasure I can. I promised my woman she’d be boneless and tired by the time I was through with her, and so far, we’re only one orgasm in.

She comes down slowly, her legs like jelly while doing so. I get to my feet, not wanting her to crumble down onto the shower floor.

“You okay, baby?” I ask once I’m standing before her, watching her eyes, seeing the lingering effects of her orgasm.

“That was indescribable, and as soon as we’re out of this shower, it’s going to be my turn,” she murmurs. Her hair is down, the water leaving it a curly mess, making my cock throb with her promise, but knowing if she’s too tired, it wouldn’t kill me either. That was for her. Fuck. Who am I kidding? That was for me too.

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