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“There’s no shampoo or conditioner in here,” I tell her as I grab the soap and washcloth to do what I promised when I suggested sharing a shower.

“That’s okay. I’m just going to throw it up again once it dries.” Her head tips down as I start at her back, massaging her while washing her body. This is something I refuse to rush. Tinsley is my undoing, and I know for a fact what my dad found in my mom, what Drake found in Giana, Tinsley is that for me. I wash every square inch of her, then run my hands down her body to get the soap off her skin. She’s no fool. Tinsley knows what I’m doing along the way. She purrs and whimpers when my hands find her pussy again, teasing her for what I know will be the beginning of a sleepless night with her there beside me. That luscious ass of hers in my hands or backed into my hard cock.

“My turn.” She spins around, grabs another washcloth, squeezes the soap onto it, and I know I’m in for an infinite amount of torture. Tinsley starts at my chest, dropping the washcloth and instead using her hands after she adds more soap to them. This time, she’s the one massaging my tired muscles, something I will never admit to her. It’s not only my job to protect her but a deep-seated need to do so. Her hands find my cock, and that’s when I back her up until we’re both under the water. I swore I wouldn’t sink my dick inside her until she was a writhing pile of need on my black sheets, and I’ll keep that promise, but there is no way I’ll last if her hands continue the path they’re on.

“That’s not fair. It’s my turn, Leo. I want to make you feel as good as you made me,” she pouts.

“This relationship isn’t about turns, Tinsley. It’s about you and me, not tit for tat. I’m going to give you so much, you won’t know where I end and you begin, but if you worked my cock another few minutes, I’d be coming, and I’d like to come with you this time.”

“Oh, well, when you put it that way,” she breathes. Tinsley comes up on her toes, and I know what she’s after. I give her the kiss she seeks. I’ve noticed that once my mouth is on hers, she comes undone. My hands grip her hips, lifting her up until she wraps her legs around my waist, my cock right at her center. One thrust, and I’d be seated inside her. Instead, I let the underside of my cock glide against her clit. “I can’t wait to feel you, Leo,” she whimpers as her back meets the tiled shower wall again. I thank fuck we’re in a hotel. If not, the water would have long since turned cold, and that would suck for the both of us.

“Me either, baby. But for right now, this is just as good.” My lips land on hers, our tongues colliding, our hips moving in sync together, and her wetness coating my cock.

“I’m going to come again.” Tinsley rips her lips away, giving me a reason to suck on her collarbone like stars call to the sky. It’s a deep seated need to mark her.

“Come for me, Tinsley, fuck that pussy on my cock,” I grunt. She’s frantic, her body hugging me, my hands holding her shoulders, my forearms braced on the wall beneath her, our bodies molded together, nothing but our sweat and the water from the shower between us.

“Yes,” she moans. I pull back wanting to watch Tinsley’s pussy as she comes, knowing I’ll be coating her pussy with my own cum.

“Fuck,” I groan. My head tips back of its own accord. I feel Tinsley’s hands on my chest. She’s somehow able to move her muscles that were depleted from her orgasm earlier. My eyes move to where they are, as I watch her glide her fingers through my cum that landed between us. She gathers it on her fingers, coating them before she shocks me to my very fucking core. Her lips wrap around them, sucking them, before swallowing down my essence.

“Motherfucker. You’re making it hard to keep my word, Tinsley.” I’m still holding on to her as I dip us under the water for a quick rinse before shutting the water off, never letting her body leave mine.

“You’re eventually going to have to put me down, Leo,” she laughs. I’m about to step out of the shower, careless of the mess we’d leave in our wake.

“Not sure I’m ready for you to leave my arms,” I mutter, but allowing her to glide down my length, not letting her go until she’s steady on her feet.

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