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I sooth Tinsley, slowly cooing and whispering softly in her ears, that she’s safe and her home is here with me, now and always. I hold her till well after she’s cried herself to sleep, and as much as I hate to unwrap myself from her body, I need to. There’s too much cash sitting around in plain sight, and I need to make sure everything is safe and secure for the night. Then I’ll get Tinsley up, shower with her, and never let her go.



Last night sucked, that’s all there is to it. Leo was with me every step of the way. When he woke me up to shower after my crying jag, it was like I was a robot. He never wavered. He held me, washed my body and my hair, not in a sexual manner but in the most tender way possible. That’s probably why I’m now wide awake, my chin resting on my hand that’s on his chest, Leo’s heart beating steadily beneath me. He’s still asleep, not that it surprises me. He has to be exhausted. Hell, I still am, and I didn’t even drive. Sometime between getting out of the shower and Leo dressing me in one of his shirts, I found peace in knowing my parents aren’t parents. They never nurtured or loved me like grandaddy did, so this really shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me. It just hit me hard and at a vulnerable time.

“You’re thinking awfully hard right now, beautiful. I can even see the smoke coming out of your ears.” Leo’s voice knocks me out of my thoughts. A slow smile plays on his face. I scoot up, wanting his lips on mine.

“Good morning.” My mouth finds his, giving him a small kiss until his hands tangle in my hair and he deepens the kiss. When his other hand tightens around my waist, I move to straddle him.

“Morning. I thought you were still asleep,” I mumble in between the slow sips of our kisses.

“Nah, I felt you move.” Leo’s hands move to my hips, gliding my bare center across his cock. There’s something to be said about Leo sleeping naked. Last night, he dressed me in his shirt. It gave me the comfort I needed, but now that I’ve processed and semi come to terms with the actions of my parents, I’m feeling better if still a little raw. A piece of me knew they were money hungry, but this is way more than I could ever forgive.

“I was going to let you sleep. I wasn’t trying to be a creeper and stare at you all morning.” I move along his length. The underside of his cock slides between the lips of my pussy.

“I wouldn’t have been happy if I had to go find you if you left.” He groans. Leo’s helping me the entire time. I lift my hands off his firm chest, finding the edge of the shirt I’m wearing, pulling it up and over my head. My hair, which I’m sure is a rat’s nest from falling asleep with it uncombed and wet, falls down, some of the tendrils covering my breasts. Leo rectifies that quickly. His fingertips slide from my hips to the ends of my hair, causing my body to shiver in their wake.

“Leo, please. No more holding back. I want this. No, I need this.” My chest drops, wanting to move my body closer to his. Leo’s hands are holding on to my breasts, the weight of them in his palms. The heated skin against my own makes my breathing hitch.

“Yeah, you feel that. How wet you are just from this.” His voice hitches as my pussy meets the head of his cock. He’s almost inside me.

Leo’s does an ab curl, causing him to slide inside me. He doesn’t go slow either. Oh no, this man takes me completely. When his mouth latches onto my most sensitive spot, the one he seems to always have his lips on, it only heightens my need for him.

“You gonna ride me, Tinsley? Take me there with you. Your pussy squeezing me so tight you’ll make me forget to pull out?” Leo questions. We’ve talked about this while driving to Virginia. I’m not on birth control, but we both felt the overwhelming need to be skin on skin. So, here we are, aware that there could be consequences but not caring. Leo’s my everything, and if it means a baby happens or doesn’t, we’re okay with that. In fact, I know he would probably do cartwheels if I did fall pregnant.

My pussy tightens on his length. “Leo, you can’t say things like that, or I won’t want you to leave me,” I plead. He grasps my shoulders, his hold firm as he thrusts up, causing my back to arch, my long locks of hair touching his thighs. It’s an overwhelming sensation, Leo surrounding me, body, heart, and soul. There isn’t a part of me he isn’t touching. It doesn’t have to be physical either. That’s what he does to me. He consumes me, much like I do him.

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