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Our bodies are slick with sweat, our need so deep for one another, when we do come, I know it’ll be us climaxing together, and I don’t know if I’ll be strong enough to let him go.

“I can imagine it, Tinsley. Fucking my cum deep inside of you.” Another ripple of pleasure overtakes me.

“I’m going to come.” My hands fist his hair, our mouths meeting. When my body starts to shake, Leo pulls me off of his cock. Two thick fingers sink inside me, the palm of his hand giving me the friction I need on my clit. He’s making sure I don’t lose my orgasm, all while he’s fisting his firm length. I have the sense of mind to place my hand over his. There’s no way I wouldn’t be a part of this. If he can’t come inside of me yet, then both of us working each other to tip over the edge is what I want.

“Come for me, Tinsley,” Leo demands. I look down at us, and when I do, I know why he wants me to come. My man is already on his way. I grind down on his fingers, my pussy convulsing. It’s an indescribable feeling. Something that’s never happened to my body, and Leo and I have tried a lot during our trek across the States.

“Fuck yeah, keep bearing down. I promise, baby. I have you,” Leo pleads with me. I give myself over to him.

“Oh God, Leo.” My body shatters, and that’s when I feel it. My body quakes, and when Leo’s cum hits my breasts and abdomen, it only makes me pulse harder.

“You look so pretty. I can feel everything you gave me.” That’s when I feel how wet I am. Even Leo’s stomach is coated.

“What was that?” I question.

“You want the clinical term for it or the technical term?” Leo responds. He grabs my shirt that I discarded. My whole body is sensitive, like I’m a pile of goo.

“Both?” I wince when I say that.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s when your G-spot and clit are stimulated at the same time. And, Tinsley?”

“Yes?” I’m trying to play this in my head, more than likely overthinking the entire freaking process.

“It was beautiful to watch.” Leo smirks, as if he’s proud of himself. If he were a peacock, his feathers would be out and swaying, as peacocks do when they walk.

“Thank you. What’s the technical term, then?”

“It’s not a pretty word. You’ll probably never let me do that to you again if I tell you,” Leo tries to get away without an explanation.

“You can tell me, or I’ll just look it up. Where’s your phone?” I start to move to the nightstand. Leo pounces though.

“That’s not needed. Come on, I’ll tell you while we’re in the shower.” He moves my body until I’m wrapped around him as he carries me into the shower. Something tells me my question will go unanswered.

“Is this your way of not answering my question,” I state as we make our way into the shower.

“Yep.” A sly smile is playing on his lips, and something tells me this shower is going to be the best one yet. I love when we conserve water together.



“Hold your damn horses,” I grumble as I take the steps two at a time. I wore Tinsley the fuck out. Truth be told, I’d still be up there if I knew we’d have the afternoon to ourselves, but we don’t. I got a text sometime early this morning from my brother letting me know they’d be here after lunch.

I unarm the alarm system, open the front door, and am greeted with men who are more like brothers than friends and work colleagues.

“About damn time you opened the door. You knew we were here before we got out of our trucks,” Drake says as he pulls me in for a hug.

“Yeah, whatever. Let’s move this into the office. Tinsley’s asleep upstairs.” I shake Slade and Bridger’s hands before they come inside.

“So, it’s like that, huh?” Slade retorts.

“Damn straight, it is. Don’t you know us Martinez men by now? We do not fuck around.” Drake’s eyes move to Bridger’s.

“It is, but it wasn’t supposed to be like that. I know I’ve fucked up in the past, what with the fighting and shit. Tinsley is it for me though.” My voice sounds wistful even to myself.

“No bloodshed in the house, Bridge,” Slade grunts before continuing on.

“Good, she’s in the fold. Travis and Easton are taking care of her father, figuring out who he hired and how he funded the hit. Travis has some friends over that way. They have Robert Sutton on surveillance now, and man, it’s worse than we thought. Debt up to their eyeballs. They have a few notorious players after Robert and Cynthia. She somehow weaseled her way into the equation, and they’re both sinking like a boat taking on water in the Atlantic Ocean,” Bridger says, ignoring Drake and his comment. We all know Braxton is going to claim Rowen, it’s only a matter of time. Bridger can’t seem to let Rowen fly from the coop. Though, it could be the age difference, or the way Bridger is with his sisters. He’s like a papa bear protecting his cubs.

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