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“Mr. Culver,” he says, opening a massive black door. “Welcome. The party will be starting in just a few moments.”

Inside, there’s an enormous bar, sparkling with multi-colored lights. Large leather couches are scattered about the room, and there’s even a gleaming dance floor off to the back left, as soft Muzak pumps through the room. To inexperienced eyes, the lounge looks normal, but when the party starts, I promise it’ll be anything but normal.

I take a seat at the bar, and ask a waitress to bring me a bourbon. Ah ha, this is the first sign that we’re at Club Z because the sweet girl isn’t wearing a regular top and skirt. Instead, she’s wearing a one piece that’s so short that her pussy flashes with every movement of her thighs, and when she scribbles her order, one breast “accidentally” pops out. But instead of being embarrassed, the red-headed girl merely smiles coyly at me before tucking her boobie back into her corset top and scampering away. Fuck, I’m getting hard already. I do love Club Z, and the benefits of this particular job.

Plus, looking around, I see there are already another dozen men seated and waiting for the night’s entertainment to begin. They seem to be fairly decent looking guys clad in dark suits with expensive watches flashing on their wrists. Even the ones who aren’t handsome seem to be well-dressed and well-groomed, so there’s something to be said about what money can buy.

Meanwhile, the waitress returns with my drink, and goddamn, but doesn’t that boobie pop out again. Still, the girl isn’t embarrassed and instead of tucking it back in right away, she literally lifts it up and sucks the nipple for a few seconds while making eye contact.

“Do you want a taste?” she coos. “I can dip it in bourbon first if you like, Mister.”

But I merely shake my head.

“No thanks, sweetheart. Maybe later though.”

She just winks at me and sashays away as I adjust myself in my pants. Fuck, the night hasn’t even started yet and I’m already fucking horny. Goddamn, I need to get myself under control because there’s work to be done and I have to stay on my toes instead of getting distracted by tits and ass so early in the evening.

With a harsh chuckle, I sip the bourbon, savoring that top shelf burn as it glides down my palate. If Club Z even carries cheap liquor in this place, I’d guess they’re just using it to scour the floors in the bathrooms or to light a couple fires. Nobody here would be caught drinking anything you can buy from the local liquor store.

A couple more dudes trickle in, and soon, there’s a roomful of guys milling around, savoring their drinks. The testosterone is palpable, and we’re getting antsy. No one wants to be at a sausage fest. But just when I think of getting up to leave, a door opens at the far end of the lounge opens and women begin gliding into the room. They’re stunning, and dressed in skimpy, form fitting dresses with heels so high I wonder how they can even walk. They mince in, all smiles and long hair, and my body hardens in anticipation.

Of course, this is what we came for, and soon enough, the women have scattered about the room, talking with various gentlemen. They twirl their hair and bat their lashes, and quite a few guys look ready to pounce. The heavy musk of testosterone has only grown thicker in the air, and I swear, the sultry scent of arousal fills the room, powerful and cloying.

But I’m not here for just anything. I don’t want an airhead who can’t put two and two together, so I look around. The girls are uniformly outstanding, and incredibly attractive in their revealing outfits. But there’s no one who stands out, at least not until a woman in red approaches me. She’s curvy with a narrow waist, wide hips and thick thighs, the kind I love sinking my teeth into. Her tits are huge and with every step she takes, they bounce, nearly spilling out her décolletage. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if they both bounced out in the next second if she’s not careful. But as she approaches me, I can’t tear my eyes away from her ass. It’s big and juicy, and I immediately picture my dick sliding between her cheeks as she moans with pleasure.

“Hi big boy,” she coos, her eyes sliding appreciatively up my suit-clad form. “How are you tonight?”

At first, I can’t even answer because those sapphire eyes have me spellbound. Paired with long, raven tresses and a plump pink pout, and I’m about ready to bust a nut right now. This woman is as sexy as hell, and I know on the spot that she’d be perfect as a pet. Imagine it: sass and obedience, all wrapped up into one perfectly bow-tied package.

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