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But the women at Club Z aren’t shy. Before I can even answer, she comes right to me and rubs those big tits against the hard wall of my chest.

“Is your night better now?” she purrs while batting her lashes. “I certainly hope so. I’m Michelle, by the way.”

Hell, two can play at this game. My cock’s rock hard, but I make myself smile back, my blue eyes gleaming.

“My night is going great. But you know what would make it even better? A touch of this,” I say, sliding one big hand between her legs. She doesn’t even resist. Instead, Michelle throws her head back, showing off the long line of her creamy throat and literally parts her thighs a bit to grant me better access.

“Mmm, that feels good,” she moans as I drag my palm through the wetness there. Fuck, she’s swollen already and I stop to niggle her tight bud as she clings to my arm with pleasure. “Mmmm!” she moans again.

“No panties?” I ask, still playing with her clit.

She comes to, her eyes dazed but then refocusing on my handsome features.

“No, I never wear panties to these events,” she breathes. “They would just be in the way.”

By now, she’s gyrating on my hand a bit, and I do her a favor. I slide one long finger into her hole, and she grips my arm tightly again, going wobbly as she stands before me.

“Ohhh!” she moans gain, her eyes fluttering closed. “That feels amazing.”

In case you’re wondering, we’re not the only ones already getting nasty in the lounge. All around us, women are beginning to disrobe, shedding their brightly colored dresses to reveal skimpy lingerie underneath, or sometimes just gleaming, lush curves. A few even have butt plugs already installed, parting their cheeks to show the glimmery stubs to their male partners. Of course, all of the women are beautiful, but Michelle is the one that I really want. I push my finger even deeper into her sopping hole, but then grab her chin with my other hand, tilting that dazed, beautiful face towards me.

“Michelle, sweetheart. Your friends are already taking off their dresses and showing off the goods. Any chance you’ll slide this dress off for me?”

She’s still dazed, but then she comes to somewhat when I remove my finger from that sopping hole. I push the digit into her mouth and she sucks for a moment before smiling coyly.

“Actually,” she murmurs, running the tip of her tongue over her bottom lip, “I’m the entertainment for tonight.”

I cock my eyebrow.

“So, it means you’re taking off the dress? Or leaving it on?”

She merely winks.

“You’ll see.”

Suddenly, the lights in the lounge dim, and a spotlight focuses on Michelle. The beautiful raven-haired woman takes a step back and then pulls a flute out from somewhere behind her. I have no idea where she’d been hiding the gleaming silver instrument, but maybe it was stuck in a potted plant and I never noticed. Then, to my surprise, she puts the flute to her lips and begins playing a rich melodic tune while swaying her hips.

Michelle is really talented, actually. This isn’t some jerky rendition of Happy Birthday or a few off-key toots here and there. Instead, the tune is sweet and lilts through the air as the other girls begin to dance. They sway sensuously, while running their hands over their curves and winking at the male audience. The women move about the room, circling Michelle while dancing suggestively and soon, all of the women are completely nude except for my sassy flutist. They twist their nipples, their mouths opening in silent ecstasy, and a few even run delicate fingers between their thighs, spreading themselves before showing us those hot holes.

But then, the women begin to focus on Michelle. Those soft palms trail over my woman’s curves as she continues to play, gently helping her out of the red dress. Soon, Michelle’s totally nude as well, and she’s absolutely stunning. Her creamy skin glows under the spotlight as her tits bounce with every movement of her body. But to my surprise, it doesn’t end there. Although the music continues, Michelle pulls the flute away from her mouth and smiles saucily at the male crowd. Then, she drags the silver instrument down her body, circling each of her nipples with the silver tip before dragging the metal rod down to her creamy stomach. But it’s what next that makes my cock jerk and spurt in my pants.

Still smiling at me, Michelle slides the flute between her legs and rubs it against her pussy. Even from this distance, I can see how the instrument grows wet and slimy, slicked with her fluids. Her big breasts sway as she moves in time to the music, and I literally have to grab my dick through my pants because she’s so fucking hot that I’m going to blow from this show alone.

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