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“That’s it,” he rasps. “Put it where it belongs.”

With that, I spread his seed all over my womanhood, moaning as I smear the fluid into my pink folds. Then, I even lean back a little to roll my hips up before smearing it against the tight drum of my anus. But Ben’s not put off at all by the filthy gesture. Instead, his blue eyes gleam and his rod stiffens once more, turned on by the sight.

“You’re just the dirty girl I need,” he purrs before leaning down to press a kiss on that sensitive spot. “You’re perfect, sweetheart.”

I certainly hope so because as round two begins, I know the billionaire will take me hard, hot and heavy … and hopefully, all the way to Heaven again.



“So, how’s school going?” I ask while stirring my tea. My friend Alana is over, and we’re gossiping like two teen girls, even if we’re already in our late 20’s. It’s okay though because Alana and I are high school buddies. She stood by me even through all my mental chaos, and I appreciate the pretty brunette for her steadfast loyalty.

She takes a sip of her tea and then shakes her head, laughing.

“You would be surprised the number of ways these kids come up with to explain why their homework was eaten by the dog. One boy told me an elaborate story about getting abducted by aliens who made him do his homework in front of them, and then lit it on fire with a blue flame while he cried, begging them not to. And by the time they dropped him back off at home, he was already running late to get ready for school that day.”

Busting up laughing, I put my hand over my mouth so that I don’t spit up my tea. My best friend is an elementary school teacher, and I know she loves her job and the kids as well.


The pretty brunette nods.

“Yeah, and what’s worse is that the assignment was to write a creative short story. If he had just written down the story about the aliens, he would have gotten an A on the assignment because he’s actually really creative and imaginative,” she sighs. “Kids! I love ‘em, but sometimes they’re just impossible.”

I smile.

“Yeah, but you’re an amazing teacher, Laney. Didn’t you win the Teacher of the Year award last year from your school?”

She smiles but then sighs again.

“Yeah, but I wish I made a little more. I mean, even winning Teacher of the Year can’t get me a place like this,” she says, looking around a bit enviously. I nod because my apartment is a nice one bedroom. It’s by no means huge, but it’s relatively spacious and comfy. The living room is decorated with a black microfiber couch accented by dark red accent pillows, and a crimson shag rug. Plus, I can actually fit a dining table in my apartment, so I’ve got a glass four-top paired with black padded chairs and a red table runner. While this is by no means lavish, I make enough at Club Z to pay for everything without going on credit.

“Yeah, but you’re contributing to the world while I basically entertain men for money,” I say with a smile. “Who’d have thought that we’d still be friends after all these years?”

My buddy giggles because yes, our life paths have diverged a lot. But a longstanding friendship is nothing to sniff at. Alana and I actually met in high school when we were assigned to be partners on a bizarre science project to build a rocket. Of course, our rocket was a total dud that flew straight into the school building, but it was fun, and since then, we’ve been close despite being polar opposites.

Even back then, I was admittedly a bit on the wild side. I wanted to let my naughty flag fly whereas Alana is and was a lot more contained. She believes in making love instead of just dirty, nasty sex, and she’s an educator because she truly believes that children are the best of humanity. If only I could be so positive. But it’s fine because we look past our differences, and get along great even after all these years. She even supports my move into adult entertainment, and is always looking out for my mental health.

My buddy stirs her tea, mixing in another teaspoon of sugar and then takes a tentative sip before smiling.

“So how have things been going with you, Mich? You’re the one who always has the best stories. Give it up.”

I laugh.

“I don’t know. That alien abduction was pretty intense, I have to say.”

She nods, but then smiles again.

“Seriously, let me live through you, girlfriend. What’s been going on at the hot little club where you work? I swear, I love your stories from there.”

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