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“As a regular old human, which neither of us can really be sure that I’m not. What would they do?”

“Gabe has the ability to alter memories…influence minds. You must have gathered that much.”

Nayome breathed in a quick lung full of air, flashing back to that first day, waking up in what she could only presume had been Gabe’s living room. He had said something…

“The only reason he didn’t erase my memories that day…” Nayome glanced, horrified at Bal.

“He was afraid it would damage your mind. You have natural defenses against manipulation.” Bal finished her thought.

“They would try, wouldn’t they?” Nayome asked, fear slicing through her. “Even though it might hurt me, mess up my head. If they think I know too much, would they try?”

“I feared they might have already done so. That’s why…I had to see you, to make sure.”

Nayome breathed out in one big gush, feeling like the wind had been knocked out of her.

“Nayome, if we can show them that you are of thedruidline ofearth singersthis goes away. You would be welcomed with open arms.”

“I don’t think I want to be welcomed.”

Bal sighed, looking frustrated. “I had thought, if I could help you control your talents, you would be protected. Any of my people who bore witness to you withteinewould never dream of doing you harm. It has been ages since we had someone who could call them. Your gift would be a boon to the Glen.”

“Have you told anyone else about what you shared with me?” Nayome asked, setting her wine glass down on the counter and wrapping her arms around herself.


“Not even your sister?”

“No one.”

Well that’s at least something, Nayome thought weakly.

“I can’t lose my mind, Bal. I’m a scientist, that’s all I have.”

“I will not let that happen.”

“You’ll be busy defending against your own crimes.”


“Just stop for a minute!” Her voice had risen a few pitches, hysteria creeping in.

“I shouldn’t have come.”

When Nayome didn’t disagree with him, Bal began to rise from his chair, the wood creaking under his weight.

Nayome watched as he slipped on his jacket, heading toward the door to her suite.Say something,she thought to herself, frustrated. There was still so much left unanswered.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have come,” Nayome agreed quietly. Bal turned around, a curious look in his eyes. “But you’re here now.”

Nayome thought maybe his peoplehadmessed with her mind, because she was not acting sane.

“Nayome, would you like me to stay?”

When Nayome nodded her head, Bal slipped his jacket back off his wide shoulders, draping it neatly over the armrest of the sofa.

“Did someone threaten you? My sister wouldn’t name names, but I got the impression someone may have approached you.”

“Yeah, I got a pretty clear message,” Nayome muttered.

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