Daughter of Druids

Author: K.M. Pond
Category: Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 96

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Daughter of Druids

Nayome's life had been on track before she met Balfor.

Being a workaholic had paid off, landing her a lucrative position at a leading Climate Research Institute in New York. So what if her personal life had fallen by the wayside? She was on her way to becoming a well respected scientist.

Nayome's world is turned upside down when a research trip brings her deep within the temperate rainforests of Scotland. Stumbling upon a group of people possessing impossible abilities, an ancient magic begins to awaken in her. With the help of Balfor, a dangerously handsome stranger, Nayome is drawn deeper into a web of magic, intrigue and passion. She must decide whether she can trust Balfor to help her navigate this new world full of threats, and incredible possibilities.

Nayome will have to put everything on the line, including her heart, if she wants to realize the full potential of the magic discovered within herself.