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Nayome felt a brief moment of satisfaction as Gabe looked stricken, as though he didn’t get a lot of people telling him no.

“I would rather take my chances with the FBI than go anywhere with you,” Nayome said firmly. “My mind is everything, I won’t let you near it.”

Gabe’s eyes softened, icy blue turning to a deeper shade as he appeared to seize her up.

“Your strength is admirable. Would that you were one of our people, your strength would make a respectable addition to the Glen,” Gabe finished off his statement with a half bow, gold hair sweeping forward, reflecting the light shining from the kitchen island pendants.

Nayome stayed silent. Eyes glancing over again to where Bal was still leaning against the counter. He was pale, and looking none too pleased with himself.

At the sound of an insistent rapping on the door, all three of them straightened in surprise.

“Are you expecting anyone?” Bal whispered, turning his weight slowly so that he faced the entrance, his broad arm muscles rippling, ready to spring into action.

Nayome’s mind started racing. Who could be at her door? And could she use them to get out of this?

Eyes flicking between Bal, who had crept closer to the front entrance, and Gabe who appeared to be a few steps closer to where she was pressed against the wall, Nayome opened her mouth to call out.

“No,” hissed Bal, just as Gabe lunged forward, clapping a hand over her mouth to muffle the noise.

“Miss Miller?” Another rap at the door, this time louder.

Whatever cry Nayome was about to let out got caught in her throat as she recognized the voice on the other end of her door.

“Miss Miller, it’s Agent Crawford. We have a warrant to search the premises and take you in for some further questioning. We know you’re in there.”

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