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“Now we should move, it’s unlikely they will be on your case today after Gabe’s influence, but it’s possible you could be tracked here.” Bal gave her a steady look. “Safe house, or hotel?”

Nayome took another minute to consider. She knew they were capable of producing their own brand of special protections against the outside world. She had seen first hand some of the magic they had set up to keep humans out of their home. The safe house would probably be all set up, more secure than the hotel. She could tell Bal wanted her to go in that direction, that it would make things easier on them. But he was waiting for her decision, as though she actually had a choice in the matter.

“Safe house,” Nayome relented.

Every step she took into their world, she felt as though she was drawing a line in the sand, the comfortable reality she knew was becoming more and more impossible. But she wasn’t willing to let that go. She would get her life back, after all this. Making a promise to herself, Nayome vowed, once the feds were off her tail, she would re-focus on work and get excited about that project James had looped her in on. “I have one condition.”

“Name it.” Bal said, as he led the way towards a waiting cab, checking something on his phone.

“This weekend, if I’m still sequestered in the safe house, I want to go to a baby thing.”

“A baby thing?” Bal looked at her sideways.

“Yes, a friend…an old friend of mine just had a baby, and I want to go meet her. This Saturday at one p.m.”

“Is it marked in any of your calendars, work schedule…?”

“No, I haven’t even RSVP’d. No one will expect me to be there.”

“Alright, I don’t see why not, then.” Bal took a step onto the road, hailing a cab that was passing by and motioned her to slide into the back seat, holding the door open for her.

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