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The others were packing up and leaving and soon, Luke’s truck was the only one left in the yard. Justin talked to Val Amotte on their porch.

“I guess we’re calling it a night.” Luke glanced at Bridget and right away, he had to ask to see her again, a feeling he hadn’t had for a woman in a long, long time. He didn’t want her to get away.

“Would you have dinner with me tonight?”

Smiling up at his handsome face, even though starting anything with Luke was probably futile since she was leaving in a few weeks, she nodded.

“I will. I’d like that.”

“Where can I pick you up?”

“Well, let me ask my uncle what time we’re leaving. I came on his boat.”

“I’d be honored to take you home,” Luke quickly said.

“Okay, if you’re sure it’s not too much trouble.”

“I live in town so it’s no trouble at all.” Then he hesitated. “I probably stink from working all day.”

“I’m a nurse, Luke. A little BO won’t scare me.”

Embarrassed, he flushed, looking around. Anything not to look in her eyes. She found his bashfulness charming. “Okay,” he finally said, pointing. “That’s my truck.”

“I’ll get my bag and say goodbye to everyone.”

They met back at his truck ten minutes later. He’d waited at the passenger side and opened the door. When she got in, showing a good amount of thigh, he quickly averted his eyes. Again, it was not something Bridget was used to, expecting him to look and strain to see more. It appeared Luke Esprit was also a gentleman.

On the way into town, Luke asked the questions, intrigued that Bridget was prepared to leave for a combat zone as a nurse.

“I feel lucky to serve in this day and age where everything is state-of-the art and the patients get to us faster. Field hospitals are not what they were in Vietnam. I believe it’s much safer now, even though we’re in harm’s way.”

“That’s good to know. I’ve led a sheltered life,” he replied. “I don’t leave Cypress Cove and you’ve been around the world.”

“Well, not exactly.”

The ride into town was slow, areas of the road covered in water requiring a little jungle cruising which had them laughing and Luke yelling, “Hold on!”

When he pulled out onto Main Street, Bridget changed her mind about going back to Val’s.

“Can I just go home with you? I’ve got clothes in my bag here.”

He looked over at her, how pretty she was, smart and sophisticated, and she wanted to come home with him.

“You can come home with me.”

At the stop sign of Bayou Truck Trail and Main Street, Luke tried to remember what he had to eat in his house.

“Do you want to run into the grocery store with me? My cupboards are bare.”

“Sure. It sounds like we’ll be doing housekeeping.”

“Is that too much after knowing a guy for an hour?” he asked, grinning at her.

“No. I like it,” she answered. “I don’t have any time to waste, so if I’m going to get to know you, I prefer we’re all-in right off the bat.”

“You might find I’m too boring, after your exciting life,” he said, snickering.

“Look, let me be the judge of that. Not that I think you’re boring, but I could use a little relaxation right now.”

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