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“There’s no better place on earth to get married,” said Brix. “I speak from experience.” He patted my shoulders. “How’re you feeling?”

“Honestly? Great.”

“No cold feet?” my brother asked.

“That doesn’t happen when you’re marrying the right woman,” Brix told Dalton.

He was right. I was anxious, sure, but only because I couldn’t wait for Sera to be my wife, and I agreed. There was nowhere better in the world for me to become her husband.

We’d delayed our trip to Mexico for six weeks for a few reasons. One, to plan the wedding. Next, at the same time Luisa finished her degree, which Sera talked her into doing first, she filed the patents on her father’s wine formulas and negotiated a contract for our use of them. Leah’s only protest in the process was to say she thought we were paying too much money.

Tryst, who had become an ordained minister before Brix and Addy’s wedding, offered to perform the ceremony, which would be starting in less than fifteen minutes.

“We gotta go,” I said after realizing what time it was.

“We’re a two-minute walk away,” said Zin, handing me a glass of water. “Figured you’d want to wait until after the wedding to start drinking wine.”

“How are Luisa and Leah doing?” I asked Press.

“The only person who will look more beautiful today than they do is Seraphina. Your mum too, of course,” he added when I raised a brow.

I finished the glass of water, straightened my sleeves, and made sure my boutonniere was on securely. “I’m ready.”

“Come on, mates,” said Beau, opening the door of the casita. My dearest friends, men who were all like brothers to me, whom I sat beside at Los Caballeros’ table, walked together to the temple, where we saw Tryst waiting at the front door. Alex stood with him. When we got close, she walked toward me.

“I’m happy for you, Ridge,” she said. “You and Seraphina will build a wonderful life together, just like Maddox and I have.”

“I need to thank you.”

“Okay. Why’d you say it like that?”

“Because if you hadn’t dumped me and married Maddox, I never would’ve opened my heart to the woman I was really meant to be with.”

“My pleasure,” she said, winking. “Come on. Time for me to give away the groom.”