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“I couldn’t think of anything worse.” Paige pretended to shudder, and everyone giggled.

“I mean, it’s lovely for you, but you know me. The lack of control would drive me crazy. What about your hair and make-up? Do you even know the venue? Sorry, but I’m getting anxiety pains on your behalf.”

“It’s weird because you all know planning events like this is my thing, but I haven’t even thought about any of the details. I trust Brodie and he wouldn’t do anything I don’t like. He knows my taste sometimes better than I know myself.”

“I think it’s the sweetest thing in the world. The fact that he’s taken this on, I don’t know many men who would. Especially with the added pressure of knowing how amazing your events are. I’m not going to lie; I’m getting a whole lot of inspiration right now.” Lennon’s eyes were full of emotion as she stepped forward and took hold of Sophia’s hand, swinging it in the air.

“Sophia’s getting married,” she sang the last word in full bravado.

Mrs. Gunner looked surprised at the outburst. The rest of the group didn't. They were all used to her spontaneous and usually ridiculous songs that made no sense to anyone other than the five of them.

Dropping her hand, she squatted to a twerk position and began shaking her perfect bubble butt in Sophia’s direction.

“She’s getting her bride on,” she chanted, and the rest of her friends followed suit. One by one, dropping their hands to their knees and joining in with the booty shaking.

Sophia laughed so hard that her cheeks hurt and when her mum and Mrs. Gunner began twerking around the place, tears of laughter streamed down her face.

“Sophia,” Lennon waved a hand in her direction.

“Uh, uh,” she shook her head.

“Sophia,” Callie demanded, and she gave in.

“I’m getting married. Yeah, I’m getting married.”

“She’s getting married.” Everyone chanted back, twerking hard and throwing moves that firmly belonged in a nineties RnB music video.

The door swung open and Emmet's eyes met his sister's like a deer facing headlights. He slapped one hand over his eyes and edged toward her with an envelope.

“I’m just here to give you this.”

“We– we’re just–”

“Nooo need for explanation,” he winced, already stepping back toward his escape.

“Can’t handle a bit of twerking anymore?” Kate teased, and Emmet turned crimson when his gaze flew to Callie’s arse and everyone else’s followed it there.

“I’ll see ya',” he mumbled, closing the door before they caused him to cringe any harder, if that were even possible.

Everyone laughed except Callie, only regaining control when Mrs. Gunner asked, what’s in the envelope?

Although it was still in her hand, Sophia had been giggling so much that she hadn’t paid an ounce of attention to it.

“I have no idea. These last few days have been crazy,” she said as she tore it open and pulled out a letter from Brodie.

Knowing you is a dream come true.

Loving you is all I can do.

Marrying you will be a delight

I hope you’re ready for your hennight?


“You need to calm down,” Robbie warned Brodie.

“How can I? You’ve known about this the whole time. It’s all new to me and I’m trying to wrap my head around it all.”