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“Deal. But first, I hope you’re good with visitors because the girls said they’re popping in this morning.”

“They are so sweet. Have they all been worried sick?”

“Pretty much,” Brodie shrugged.

“I hate that. People worrying about me. That’s one of the things about getting better that I’m most looking forward to.”


“People not fussing over me and stressing out about me all the time. I can’t wait to have a conversation with my friends where I don’t cause them an anxiety overload.”

Brodie grinned.


“You just talked about getting better like you believe you will do. I love that.”

Maybe I’m starting to believe I could do.”


“Anything’s possible, right?” she popped her shoulders and his grin widened.

“Did I tell you how in love with you I am, Mrs Hart?”

“I love you, too.”

For a minute, their surroundings were forgotten, and they could have been anywhere. Brodie didn’t know where to start with the list of things he was looking forward to about his wife getting better. It was extensive, ever changing and growing all the time.

“It feels surreal. Only last week I was sitting here thinking about saying goodbye to people and now I’m in this whole other situation. It feels like I’ve been given a second chance.”

“I always knew something would come up. There’s no way any of us were giving up on you.”

“I'm not in the home stretch yet,” she smiled.

“No, but you're hopeful again and that's all I wanted.”

What about Emmet? He must be terrified.

“He will pull through. You Randalls are tougher than you think.”

“Oh no, we know we can kick arse when we need to.”

“Okay, feisty pants,” Brodie chuckled.

“Breakfast for two?” A familiar nurse appeared in the doorway, holding a tray of two bowls of oatmeal. Brodie was there so much they had started bringing an extra serving for him. It was a simple, sweet gesture that always made him smile.

They munched through the bland tasting food and chatted more than they had in a while. Things felt oddly normal, despite the chaos going on around them.

When her friends arrived a while later, Brodie gave them some space and made his way downstairs to see Austin, noting that he hadn't gotten a chance to thank him yet.

The girls huddled around Sophia's bed. Her eyes studied Callie, and she instinctively knew that she had no idea about Emmet being hurt.

"I'm so lucky that you're all here. It honestly means the world to me."

"How are you feeling?" Paige asked.

"Okay. So far, so good."

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