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Taking her hand in his, Brodie lifted the sparkling piece of jewellery from its box and slid it on to her finger, exactly where it belonged.

She stirred slightly, but didn’t fully wake and, as carefully as he could, he lifted her into bed and pulled the covers over her.

As he moved to turn out her bedside lamp, he noticed a book that he hadn't seen before and picked it up, flipping through the first few pages, each one of them filled with pictures of Sophia and her friends. She looked so vivacious and full of life in each captured moment that his whole heart ached as his eyes darted between the photos to her sleeping body.

She was so much thinner now and the smile in these pictures was one rarely seen on her delicate features anymore.

If he could find a way to get her well, again, he’d give so much more than a kidney. He’d be more than willing to give his life in exchange for hers. Her parents told him he was mad for saying that, and his own parents said he was crazy to even think it, but if he could trade places with Sophia and take the pain in place of her, it would be the easiest choice in the world.

Of course, fate could be cruel, and such a choice wasn’t always available. So, all he could do to stop himself from losing his mind altogether was to focus on what he was able to do to replace some of her pain with joy and some of her defeated heart with hope.

As he glanced down at the photos, an idea began to form and with it, a sense of excitement.


“What are you doing awake?” Sophia asked, surprised to see Brodie awake before her. It was usually her with the erratic sleep pattern, not him.

“Watching you sleep.”

“Is it morning?”

“Almost. It’s five thirty.”

“Ugh,” she moaned in frustration and snatched the scrapbook from his hands. “Why are you looking through this?”

“It’s awesome. Did your mum put it together?”

“Yeah. But I’d rather not look at it. Especially at five th– holy shit.” Sophia’s words and thoughts all turned to mush on sight of the whopping diamond ring that was now dominating her left hand.

“Tell me it’s not real”

“Of course it’s real. Do you like it?”

“It’s stunning. I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life,” she gushed.

“I figured if I’m marrying the perfect woman, then it’s only fair she has the perfect ring.”

“What did I ever do to deserve you?”

“You let me put my hands on this sweet, sweet arse.” He grabbed hold of her under the covers and she yelped out his name.

It only made him tighten his grip and toss the scrapbook, freeing up both his hands.

“I take it you’re done reading, then?”

“I’m done with anything that isn’t this tight arse of yours until further notice.”

With that, he disappeared under the sheets and pulled her into him. Spooning her the way he would have last night if she hadn’t crashed out on him. Sophia was more than awake now. Every part of her lighting up like a firework with each frenzied touch of his fingertips on her skin. In her view, time was everything, but Brodie never had any time to waste when it came to being skin on skin together.

He once told Sophia that if he could eat, sleep and breathe her and only her, then he would.

The thought, coupled with powerful hands tugging at her panties; had her grinning from ear to ear as his mouth settled at her thighs.

“What happened to asking?” She moaned as he slid her panties over her hips and his hot breath elicited a trail of goosebumps along her inner thigh. “Did someone lose their manners now that I’ve become his fiancée?”

Lifting his head, he surfaced momentarily to fix his eyes on hers. “Say that again.”

She twisted her fingers through his hair, dragging his face up further away from her thighs and put on her best boss-bitch voice. “I said, did someone lose their–”

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