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“Not that part,” he growled in a low, husky tone that set off a few more fireworks inside of her.

Understanding, she said nothing and held up her ring finger, displaying the beautiful ring he had put there. “Get to work, fiancé. You know, it’s not polite to keep a girl waiting.”

Beaming up at her, Brodie made quick work of landing his tongue in the exact spot that always made her buck her hips right off the bed in a single lick. His lips followed, closing over her most sensitive spot and sucking hard.

Just the same way that he drowned in her, Sophia lost herself in him. Absorbing every candy-coated lash of tongue and sensual suck until she felt like she was some place between reality and cloud nine. Floating away with her mind but so present with her body that she felt every single breath and touch as though it was the first and last time he would ever make love to her with his mouth.

If Sophia could freeze time and stay in the divine moment when he added his fingers and brought her to the edge of release with a rhythmic motion, she would.

Instead, he forced her to stay in the moment.

Needing her to be in it.

Right there.

With him.

His fingers came to an abrupt halt right when she so desperately needed them to keep going.

“Brodie,” she whispered, but his mouth crashed against hers before she managed to form the whole word.

“Hold on,” he panted as he moved away from her long enough to put on a condom.

“Good idea,” she whispered. At least one of them was thinking about reducing the risk of infection because it was the last thing on her mind, right now.

A few moments later, he entered her with all the lust a man should enter a woman and let out a guttural moan as they began to work in unison. Sheer bliss was the unspoken common goal, and their commitment to the cause was clear in every single slow thrust of their hips.

They rocked back and forth. Each of them wrestling with the urge to speed up and the agonising desire to slow things down so the blazing sensation never ended.

“You feel so good it hurts,” he murmured in her ear, before sinking his tongue inside.

She shuddered under the heat of his breath and the sound of him panting and breathless in her ear.

“Not yet, Sophia. Hold on,” he instructed.

“I can’t.” She panted, unable to stop the waves of delight that were seizing her insides and refusing to let go.

“Not. Yet.” He demanded again.

With everything she had, Sophia fought off the orgasm that threatened to consume every fibre of her being.

Pulling back, he looked her right in the eye and upon the word, “now,” she came undone on a slow, determined thrust.

Neither one of them could do anything other than fight to catch their breath as he fell face first into the pillow next to her.

“Am I dreaming, or did that really happen?” he mumbled, and she ran a hand through his dark mop of hair.

“I’m not sure. Maybe we should do it again just to check?”

Brodie popped up from the pillow and arched a brow in consideration. Sophia giggled and tugged on his hair a little. “I'm kidding. Go back to sleep.”

“And miss the sight of you looking at me like I’m the best thing in your world. No chance.”

“You are the best thing in my world.”

“Obviously,” he grinned, and she rolled her eyes.

“I’m going to pee and get cleaned up, I won’t be a minute,” she said as she got up and walked over to their bathroom.

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