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“Haven’t we all?” Case asked. “I learned a lot from my failed engagement to Fancy. This time around, I’m not going to allow pride or jealousy to get in the way.”

“Your big day is rapidly approaching,” Luke noted. “Any wedding jitters?”

Case’s smile was nice and easy. “Not a single one. I’d marry that woman any day, any hour, any time. Speaking of which, I’ve been looking for you to find about your tux rental. Make sure you have all the details squared away. My best man has to look sharp.”

Luke held up his hand. “No worries. I’ve got it all under control. Hunter and Jax have already ordered their tuxes as well.” He rubbed his hands together. “Can’t wait to see you dragging your knuckles down the aisle.”

Case straightened his tie. “Are you kidding me? I’d be shocked if the Savannah Times didn’t feature me as the most debonair groom in Savannah history.”

Luke made a face, then began chuckling with laughter. Case joined in and the two enjoyed the easy camaraderie that they always did. They were cousins by blood but best friends by choice.

“Hey,” Case said, his voice softening. “How you holding up today? I saw Uncle Lionel earlier and he seemed to be doing the stiff upper lip thing.”

“Sounds like Pops. He’ll throw himself into his work and p

retend that today is just another day. Mom won’t leave the house though. She’ll sequester herself in her bedroom and pore over old albums.” It made Luke’s heart hurt to think about his mother combing through old pictures in an attempt to hold on to the memory of the daughter who’d passed away so tragically. He knew exactly what it felt like to try and hold on to the memories before they slipped through your fingers like sand in an hourglass.

“And you?” Case asked pointedly. “I know this isn’t easy for you, Luke.”

“I’m doing okay. Seeing Morgan made it all better. That lady possesses more humanity and compassion and wisdom in her little finger than most people have in their entire bodies.”

Case shook his head and laughed. “Man, you’ve got it bad. Your face changes when you talk about Morgan. And your voice too. You get this look on your face that’s all animated and mushy.”

“I can’t help it. She makes me happy,” Luke confessed.

“Don’t apologize. It’s great seeing you like this. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of peace and happiness than you.”

“Thanks. And you know I’m excited about your nuptials. The Duvall family needs a happily ever after moment.”

“Who knows? You might be following right after me down the aisle.” Case began whistling the wedding march.

Luke picked up a pencil from his desk and threw it at his cousin. “Let’s get you married off first.”

He would never admit it to Case in a million years, but the idea of getting married to Morgan excited him. He’d loved her for so long. There were some things in life a person just knew instinctively. And he knew that if he lived another one hundred years, he would never find another woman as perfectly created for him as Morgan.

“When you fall in love it feels as if the world stops spinning. The sunsets, sunrises and rainbows seem to exist just for the two of you. It feels as if you’re floating on air.”

Fancy Tolliver

Chapter Six

“So, you’re going out on a date with Luke tonight?” Callie’s eyes were brimming with interest. “Fancy mentioned it.”

Morgan made a mental note to tell Fancy she was a blabbermouth. Honestly, she hadn’t wanted to say anything to Callie about her night out with Luke. For the moment, Morgan wanted to downplay everything so no one began making wedding plans for her and Luke. And since Callie was Luke’s sister, things were bound to get a little complicated.

“I think so,” Morgan answered. She bit her lip. Why was she wavering on whether or not tonight was a real date?

“You think so?” Olivia asked. Callie and Olivia exchanged a glance. “Why the confusion?”

“I haven’t been on a date in a very long time,” Hope admitted. “But I’d like to think I’d know a date if someone asked me out on one.” She crossed her hands in prayer-like fashion. “Please, Lord. Let someone ask me out on a date.”

“Okay, ladies. It’s a date,” Morgan admitted. Nervous excitement raced through her.

Callie, Olivia and Hope began clapping and making hooting noises.

Morgan raised a finger to her lips. “Shh. Our guests are going to think we’re crazy making all this noise first thing in the morning. Let me tell you what happened. A note arrived at my door this morning. It was from Luke. It basically said to be ready at six o’clock sharp. I’m not confused about whether or not it’s a date. I’m actually wondering what I should wear because I have no idea where we’re going. Luke is being deliberately secretive.”

“I like a man with a hint of mystery,” Olivia said. “Hunter likes to surprise me from time to time. He never fails to impress me.”

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