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“Bingo,” Tamra whispered, drawing my attention, and I immediately followed her gaze across the room. When that tracker had suddenly come back to life in one of the casino hotels, it hadn’t taken much to cross check the location against Turner’s public itinerary and deduce that May would likely be showing up at the same charity event he was scheduled to attend.

With hiswifeon his arm.


Our negligent mother had fixed herself up too, showing no signs of nearly being bombed or being on the run. She was downright glowing, in fact – her neck and ears laced in jewels that were undoubtedly gifts from Turner, and a dress that looked straight from somebody’s runway.

Many eyes turned in her direction as she entered, sparking open speculation about who she was. There were lots of whispers, lots of open stares… except for Tommy Turner.


Tommy took one glance at her, turned roughly the same hue as a cranberry juice cocktail, and started paying a lot more attention to his wife.

He wouldn’t even turn in May’s direction.

“Uh-oh,” I muttered under my breath. “Y’all see what I see?”

Slipping up beside me, Tamra nodded. “Yep. I don’t think May was invited to this little shindig.”

“And yet… here she is. She’s going to try to get him alone. If he doesn’t go for it, she’ll make a scene,” Alicia said.

“Which iswhyhe’ll go for it – he can’t afford a scene,” I said, shifting a bit out of sight as May looked around the room. It wouldn’t do for her to get spooked and sneak off before we could get ahold of her.

“Andwecan’t afford to get spotted,” Tamra murmured, looping her arm through mine. “Everybody is pairing off to dance – we should blend in.”

She… was correct.

Everyone was, indeed, pairing off to dance, so we did the same, quickly falling into an easy two step that didn’t take too much thought. There was a full band, and they’d struck up a jazz number that made it impossible to stay still anyway. Tamra lifted an eyebrow at me when I pulled her closer.

“What?” I asked, giving her a little wink as my hands drifted just slightly lower than appropriate. “We’re a couple, right?”

“Only in your dreams, Wilder.”

“Now who told you about that? It was supposed to be a secret.”

“Oh hush,” Tamra laughed, quickly tempering herself as she glanced past me. “Could you be serious, please? I think May is about to make her move.”

We made a half-turn, spinning so that I was in view to see what she saw. Sure enough, May was edging her way closer to where Turner was dancing with his wife.

Bold move.

Whoever her dance partner was, he seemed content to be dragged along with her until she and Tommy were right next to each other – but neither appeared to say anything, or actually acknowledge the tension I could feel from all the way over here.

I didn’t really get the logic of it.

“She’s making sure he sees her,” Tamra said, as if she’d read my mind. “I’m… not sure they were as in on this together as we were thinking before. I’m getting the sense there’s some discord.”


Maybe she was onto something.

Cause Turner was definitely sweating harder now, to the point that his assistant had rushed up to him with a towel, trying to restore him to an acceptable level of dryness while his wife stood off to the side looking disgusted.

May looked smug.

Especially once Mrs. Turner walked off to engage some unknown task, giving her the perfect opening to sidle up to Tommy. He glanced around, instant anger taking over his face as he whispered something to her, wagging a finger for effect before he thought better of it and put that down.

This would not look good on camera, if any were watching.

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