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Whatever he and May were going back and forth about, it was cut short by the reemergence of Mrs. Turner. Without another word, May shoved him and then slunk away, leaving Tommy to smooth things over with his wife who seemed to clearly understand she’d walked up on something she shouldn’t have.

“She’s heading for the ladies’ room,” Alicia’s voice sounded in my ear. “Wilder, you stay with Turner. Tamra… don’t you need to powder your nose?”

“Yes, I definitely think I do,” Tamra answered, slipping away from me. I really should’ve been watching Turner, but instead I watched her walk away.

Her ass was looking a little too good in that dress not to.

Once she’d stepped out of sight, it was easier for me to focus on my mission – keeping an eye on Tommy Turner. It so happened that I looked back to him just in time to see Mrs. Turner smack him dead across the face, sending up a chorus of gasps through the crowd.

And here we thought May might be the one causing a scene.

I moved in closer as security guards and political interns swarmed him, making sure he was okay and trying to run interference as the press members in the crowd started asking questions and taking pictures.

This whole thing was turning into a mess, but I didn’t realize how much until yet again, the mood shifted.

The vague concern for a little marital violence shifted to something frantic as right in front of my eyes, Turner collapsed to his knees, clutching his chest.

“Somebody call an ambulance!” one of the servers screamed as more people swirled around the fallen man, who was now spread out on the floor, struggling to breathe as he turned from pink to vaguely purple.

Holy shit.

“Uh… boss lady? I don’t know what’s going on in there with you, but uh… we’re about to lose one of our targets.”

* * *

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