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Everything started happening in…a blur.

Or at least, that was how it seemed to me.

Lots of screaming, panicking, reacting, lots of regrouping to think. Lots of calling, and planning, and brainstorming.

And then finally, when I was scraping the bottom of my mental energy reserves… quiet.

I found myself alone in the kitchen of the building where our operations were housed – Alicia didn’t want it called a compound because that was too reminiscent of theGarden, but…


I was in the kitchen, a plate of something I couldn’t focus on growing cold in front of me as I replayed that scene in my head. If the techs hadn’t found anything from the video feeds, certainly there wasn’t anything I’d magically see that no one else had.

And even if I did, there wasn’t shit I couldprove.

So ultimately, it all boiled down to the fact that we didn’t know if May had killed Tommy Turner or not.

She swore she didn’t, but… she wasn’t exactly the most reliable character.

“Seems like you’ve got a lot on your mind.”

I looked up, surprised, as Tamra took a seat next to me, looking and smelling like she was fresh from a shower.

She’d made herself at leastsomewhatcomfortable around here.


“Well,” I said, giving her my attention, “The woman we set out to protect is now in police custody on murder charges for the man we were supposed to be protecting her from. So I’d say there’s a lot to think about.”

Tamra smirked. “You really think so? BecauseIam feeling light as a bird. As far as I’m concerned, with everything she’s done to put that little girl in danger, prison is exactly what she deserves. I’m only sorry that Amelia has to suffer.”



I wasn’t taking this as personally as it seemed Tamra was – I didn’t hold any animosity towards May beyond the obvious.

IfI assumed her actions had ill-intent behind them.

Either way though, Amelia was really the primary concern here – none of uswantedto see a little girl grow up without her mother if she didn’t have to.

None of the alternatives – even the latest one – were desirable.

“You know family services is going to turn her over to the wife, right?” I asked Tamra, watching her face for a reaction.

As expected, her brow furrowed, nose wrinkling in distaste. “Seriously? Handing the husband’s illegitimate child to the bitter wife? That’s…”

“A very large therapy bill waiting to happen,” I finished for her, shaking my head. “And that’s probably the best-case scenario. Who knows what kind of resentment she’s going to work out on that child because of what her parents did? I mean, maybe she’s a good person –maybethe concern is unfounded, I don’t know. But Idoknow that something about this isn’t sitting right with me.”

Tamra pushed out a sigh, slumping back in her chair as she nodded. “Yeah… I keep playing through it in my head, and coming up with more questions than answers. Research team is already on it, I know, but… there really is too much that doesn’t make sense.”

“So you think she might be innocent too, is what I’m hearing.”

“Innocent is a stretch,” Tamra huffed, rolling her eyes. “Honestly, I’m still pissed that she drugged me.Reallypissed. But… I don’t understand why she’d stick around, after doing something to Turner to induce a heart attack. I mean, unless she was sticking around to make sure it worked, but she didn’t keep him in sight. She went to the bathroom, and was about to leave with us. And I didn’t get the impression she was antsy about timing, nothing like that.”

“Maybe she’s just a terrible murderer,” I offered, but Tamra shook her head.

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