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“Or maybe she’s being set up. It’s not even alittlefar-fetched to think Lana Turner might be in on this. Why did she comestraightfor May as the first suspect? Your husband dies of a supposed heart attack at a public event, and the first thing you do is go hunting down a woman in the bathroom? That makes sense to you?”

“No, actually,” I admitted. “I saw the whole thing unfold –wesaw that little bit of contact between May and Turner before she stormed off, but Lana was all over him. Lana smacked him, hard. Minutes later… he’s on the ground.”

Tamra nodded. “Think about the things we’ve used to eliminate a target before – the methods we’ve employed. An induced heart attack… that’schemical. May shoved him, but that’s just touching his clothes. If Lana had some kind of toxin on her hand…”

“With a protective barrier underneath so she wouldn’t expose herself to it…”

“So you see what I see?”

“I do,” I agreed. “And really… what would May gain from Turner being dead? He still owed her money, even if she’d come to a place of accepting he had no intention of coughing it up.”

“Shesays he owed her money. We really don’t know for surewhatkind of agreement they had. We’ve gotta find out if there’s any proof. Text messages, recordings, anything that can corroborate May’s claims. If Turner owed her money, and the wife knew about it…”

“Along with the affair, and Amelia… it could be proof of Lana’s motive.”

“And proof of May’slackof one.” Pushing out a sigh, Tamra swiped both hands over her face. “This would be so much easier with access to everything we had before.”

“Yeah. With full resources, we likely wouldn’t have been caught up in this shit in the first place. We’re here now though. So… the only thing to do is figure it out.”

After a moment, Tamra nodded, bringing her gaze up to meet mine. “You’re right. And I’m sure it’ll come – it’s gonna happen, with time.”

“That’s what has you messed up, huh?” I teased. “You’re ready to hit the road, but this mess isn’t settled yet.”

She smiled. “Pretty much.”

“You know you don’thaveto be in a hurry, right? It’s not so bad having people around you –especiallypeople who have been through a lot of the same things as you.”

“I’m sure it isn’t, but it’s just not…” she sighed. “I’ve gotten accustomed to being alone. I work at the shop, and I go home. I mind my business between.”

I raised an eyebrow at her. “Really? No friends?”

“Nope. Friends want to get to know you, want to know your past, all that. It was just easier – so far – to avoid all that. I would talk to May sometimes, since I was renting her place, but outside of that… kept to myself. Except for Roxy, that is – thank you for having someone retrieve her for me, by the way.”

I shrugged. “That was nothing really. And besides… I think it helps Amelia a lot.”

The little girl was familiar with Tamra’s dog, Roxy, so the animal was keeping her company – comforting her by simply being something she was used to.

“Yeah, they’re little besties,” Tamra smiled. “I don’t think I’m gonna split them up when I leave. It’s probably best for Roxy anyway – I can’t exactly fit her on a bike with me.”

“Would be interesting to see you try though.”

“Right, I’ll strap her to my chest in one of those baby carrier things.”

“I would paygoodmoney to see that,” I laughed. For a moment, neither of us said anything, but then I spoke up again. “You know… you could at least stick around until the bruises fade. The soreness hasn’t even worn off and you’re already trying to run away.”

She sucked her teeth. “Don’t do that. The longer I stick around, the more likely it is that I’ll have to kick your ass again.”

“Is that what you think happened? Okay, okay,” I chuckled.

“That’s what Iknow.”

“Iliterallycaptured you.”

“Only because I was drugged,” she countered. “Otherwise?Please. I showed you at the auto shop, you couldn’t handle me.”

I leaned in, invading her personal space to tell her, “Sweetheart… I haven’t met a woman yet I couldn’t…handle.”

“Oh really?” she asked, running her tongue over those soft lips as she leaned in too. “You care to back that up with some action? I mean… since you seemed so concerned about my lack of socialization, I would think—”

Before she could finish that statement, I’d grabbed the back of her neck, tugging her face toward mine. With our lips not even inches apart, my eyes locked on hers.

“Tamra… if you want me to fuck you, just say so.”

She smirked. “So.”

* * *

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