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A box of Tommy’s stuff?

Meaning, the things he’d had on him when he died…. Like maybe a cell phone filled with vital information?



“You’ve got a room here?” I asked, squeezing her hand as her eyes drifted closed for a second.

She perked up at my question, and nodded. “Penthouse.” Before I could respond, she’d slipped from her barstool and planted herself on wobbly feet. “Comeon. Make a widow happy for a night.”

The drinks were already paid for, so I moved right into the role she was trying to get me to play – I kept her drunk ass upright for the trek to the elevator, endured her pawing at me and trying to kiss me, then hiked her up over my shoulder to carry her off into the luxury suite once we arrived at the top floor.

Itreallyshouldn’t have been this easy.

Tommy Turner wasn’t big time yet in Vegas politics, but as a businessman he was fairly well-known. His car dealerships were lucrative enough that the Turners had big money – big enough that before his death, he’d kept security around his family.

Lana had fired them all though.

“I’m gonna… I’ma slip into something more comfortable,” Lana slurred, pulling away from me to go into the suite’s master bedroom.

While she was off doing that, I started looking around as subtly as I could, needing to locate that box of Tommy’s things and get that phone out of it before I got my ass out of here.

Withoutdoing any baby-making practice with Lana Turner.

“I knew you’d make a perfect honey trap,” Tamra’s voice sounded in my ear, completely amused by my predicament. “Big-dicked stranger, huh?”

“Yeah, you’d know,” I murmured, just loud enough for her to hear it, knowing she was the only one on the com channel with me. She was still downstairs, waiting in the hotel bar in case I needed backup.

Alicia had insisted.

“Do you see the box she mentioned anywhere?” Tamra asked, shifting back to the task at hand instead of acknowledging our intimate knowledge of each other. “You may wanna find it fast. I mean… unless youwantto playjust the tipwith her.”

“Nah, my days of taking itthatfar are over,” I answered. “And it feels good to be in charge of my own genitals.”

“Yeah, I know the feeling,” Tamra quipped. “But… are you morally opposed to slipping her that guaranteed sleep in your pocket?”

I shook my head. “Yes, actually. Maybe. Only if it’s absolutely necessary,” I whispered, stopping in the middle of the living room to give one last visual sweep. If the box really was in the hotel room, it wasn’t anywhere in this main area.

“Well it’s gonnabenecessary once she comes out in lingerie ready for you to scramble her eggs. Which… should be really soon, based on how long she’s been in the other room.”

I pulled my eyebrows together, thinking about it. “You know what… let me go see what’s going on.”

“Let me know if you need me to come up there.”

“Will do.”

I stopped talking to Tamra as I got close to the bedroom door, pushing it open slowly to peek inside.

“Erica?” I called, but got no answer, so I pushed the door fully open.

To find her sprawled out across her bed, knocked out, with her dress only half removed.

Thank God.

I didn’t waste time.

I started looking around in the room, moving as fast as possible to find that damn box.

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