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“Wilder… you good?”

“Yeah…Ericais knocked out,” I whispered as I pulled the doors to the closet open.


“And I just found the box, I think,” I told her, shuffling through Tommy’s suit – which reeked of stale cologne, his belt, his shoes, his underwear, his wallet, andfinally,at the bottom of the box… his cell phone. “Yep, got it.”

“Okay. Is it on?”

I pressed the little button on the side to find that itwason, the screen littered with notifications – including one that the battery was almost dead.


I quickly pulled out my own cell, navigating to the app that would allow me to use the near-field technology to clone everything from Tommy’s phone.

“What’s happening?” Tamra asked, only adding to my already tense state with that anxious-ass question.

“It’s cloning now,” I told her, peeking back to where Lana Turner shifted positions on the bed, then started snoring.

“What?! Just take it with you so we can get the hell out of here!”

“It’s less conspicuous to clone it, and leave it with her.”

“Yeah, I know that, but it’s more dangerous for you to stay. What if somebody shows up?”

“Fuck,” I whispered, as the dying phone in my hand dropped a whole three percent in battery life, leaving just two. And the cloning wasn’t done. “Can you – be quiet, and let me focus on this.”

As soon as that left my mouth, I thought it maybe wasn’t the best thing to say.

When Tamra didn’t say anything in response… Iknewit wasn’t.

I couldn’t think about that now though.

Come on, come on, I mentally urged, begging the phone battery to just get me through the last bit of data transfer. I cursed again as the battery dropped to just one percent, while my transfer was at ninety-eight.




I bit my lip to keep from yelling a string of expletives as the phone shut off, right in front of my eyes.

But… thenmyphone flashed a “Transfer complete” message on the screen, allowing my shoulders to sink in relief.

That was too close.

Quickly, I replaced everything in the box, not bothering with fingerprints – if Lana Turner even remembered tonight, the chances of fingerprint dusting were slim, and nothing would come up anyway if somebody ran them through a system.

I peeked over at her one more time, just to make sure she was good – she shifted, and went back to snoring, so yeah… she was just fine.

And I didn’t linger.

I got my ass out of the room, jogging to the elevator to jab the down button.

It opened immediately, and there was Tamra with her arms crossed, looking good as hell and mad as hell at the same time.

“Aw. You were coming to check on me.”

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