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“We met the other day,” I said.

“Yes. He’s the guy I went to have coffee with. I can’t believe you asked him here.” Anne sighed and left the room.

Trixi walked over and placed the plates, silverware, and napkins on the coffee table before taking the seat across from me.

“Guess we can talk while she’s gone and eat when she joins us, if that’s okay,” Trixi suggested.

“Sounds good. I’m here to discuss The Treasured Chest. I want to purchase it,” I said.

Trixi raised her brows. “Really? How much?”

This was too easy. But maybe she didn’t want it, either. I could start low and test that theory, but I needed this done. “I’m not going to play games with you, Trixi. I’m giving you my best offer. Five hundred thousand dollars.”

“Wow. That sounds like a fair offer,” she said.

“So do we have a deal?” I asked.

She shrugged. “I’m not able to answer that. You’d need to speak to the owner.”

Once again, I was lost. “I checked with the town and was told the owner is Trixi Worth. Is that not you?” Boy, I was going to be really pissed if this lady had been playing me.

“I’m one of them, just not the one you’re looking for.”

Fuck!“Do you know where I can find the correct one?” I asked, trying unsuccessfully to bite back the frustration in my tone.

“I sure do,” she said. “Hey, Anne, are you decent yet?”

Anne came out of the bedroom wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Her wet hair pulled up on her head in some odd mess that looked like a bird’s nest. “Are you done talking already?”

“Yes, but I need you to be here now,” Trixi said.

“Me?” Anne asked.

“I don’t think so. Unless you have information that Trixi doesn’t,” I stated.

“I doubt it, but feel free to ask,” she said.

“I’m looking for the address of Trixi Worth,” I said.

“You’re at it,” Anne replied.

“No. Not this Trixi Worth. The other one. The one that owns The Treasured Chest,” I clarified.

Once again she said, “You’re at it.”

“Wait. Your aunt just said she didn’t own The Treasured Chest,” I stated firmly.

“She doesn’t. I do,” Anne said, head held high.

“You? But they said Trixi Worth owned it.”

“They are right. I’m Trixi Worth, but use my middle name, Anne. And before you even ask, my answer is no,” Anne said.

“You don’t even know what I’m going to ask,” I stated.

“Oh, but I do. You’re the person who has been buying up all the properties around the club. And if I’m right, Uncle Carl shot you down when you made him an offer, too. So whatever you’re going to offer me now, the answer is no,” she said firmly.

“You might want to hear me out first.”