Don't Hesitate (The Reluctant Heart 3)

Author: Jeannette Winters
Category: Romance | Adult
Series: The Reluctant Heart
Total pages: 57

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Don't Hesitate (The Reluctant Heart 3)

Andrew Heart

I’ve always known what I wanted, power, success, and wealth. Nothing has ever stood in my way from obtaining them.

That was until I crossed paths with Anne Worth. She might be tiny but she was head strong and refused to bend. I need her to sell me her land or my new development is going to tank. No way am I going to walk away empty handed.

But when I learn the truth as to why she won’t sell, I find myself questioning my motives. I have a choice to make. Encourage and help her carry her burden or sit back and watch her fail and then her land is mine.

There is a price for business, and that is to win, someone had to lose. But the price of getting what I want, might be losing what I need.