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Even as Andrew searched for something, I felt my lids getting heavy. Not yet. I’m enjoying myself. Just stay awake just a little longer. But no matter how I tried, it was a losing battle. Soon, I no longer heard the TV.

When I woke, I could see the sun was up and I was no longer on the couch. I didn’t remember walking to my bedroom. Closing my eyes again, I faintly recalled strong arms lifting me and carrying me to my bed.

He was in my room.

I should be angry because I never invited or gave him permission to enter. This was the one place that no one, not even Aunt Trixi entered, without knocking. But since I’d been in such a deep sleep that I couldn’t bring myself to my room, I guess it could be forgiven this once.

As I rolled over onto my side, I inhaled the same sweet, musky scent of Andrew’s cologne. How long did he hold me that it still lingered on my clothes? I opened my eyes and pulled my sheet to my nose, but it didn’t smell like him. Pulling the top of my t-shirt up, I sniffed it again. God, he smells good.

I could lie there in bed all day snuggled up in this scent, but I had no idea what time it was. Normally I’d set an alarm on my cell phone, but if I didn’t walk to my bedroom of my own accord, I bet my phone was still on the charger in the kitchen.

I don’t want to move.I didn’t need to get up to know that my backside was sore today. No way was I going to mention it to Andrew or he might whip out the ice pack again. He was not about to hold that freezing thing on my ass no matter how much I hurt.

Although I didn’t normally take any medicine, I needed some ibuprofen or I wouldn’t be any fun to be around. Throwing the sheets off me, I got up and headed into the bathroom. I opened the medicine cabinet and popped two pills before heading into the shower. There was no reason to rush right now. And no matter what Andrew says, I’m applying heat.

By the time I got out, the mirror was steamed over and my skin pink from the hot water. But I felt totally refreshed and ready to face the day. I got dressed and opened my bedroom door.

Bacon.Breakfast was my favorite meal and hopefully Andrew had saved me some. Smiling, I made my way to the kitchen. It was spotless - obviously, Andrew took me seriously about doing the dishes. But I didn’t see any of that wonderful-smelling food. Then I noticed a note on the table.

Hope you’re feeling better. There’s plenty of ice for you to R.I. C.E. again. I went into town, but I’ll see you tonight at the club. Your breakfast is in the microwave. Enjoy.


At least partof the note brought a smile to my face. But the ice wasn’t going to happen. I walked over to the microwave and pushed the power button. Now all I need is coffee.

I touched the coffee pot and it felt hot. Andrew must not have been gone very long. I poured a cup and took a sip of the steaming stuff. It was almost as good as my favorite coffee place near BU. I smiled. Maybe a roommate for a week won’t be as bad as I thought.

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