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Chapter Eleven


I had to admit having Andrew at the front door relieved a lot of stress, but it added something…unexpected. What was going through my mind that made me kiss him? I couldn’t even accuse him of trying to make a move on me. Granted, the look in his eyes said he was going to kiss me eventually, but what the hell, when did I become the aggressor?

During work, I was able to avoid Andrew, but now we were on our way back to Trixi’s cabin. I really wished she hadn’t bailed on me, because being alone with Andrew right now wasn’t a good idea. He was more than just a distraction. He’s a complication I don’t need.

The problem is my head knows it, but my body doesn’t seem to want to hear it. I can blame that on Andrew. Even though the kiss was brief, it held a lot of promise of if we gave in. Not that we couldn’t, but we shouldn’t. He’ll be going back to Boston and I’ll be…stuck here.

I knew what I needed to do, but why was doing the right thing so damn miserable? Did Uncle Carl know how this was going to affect my life? Just when I thought I was starting my career, I had to step back and put my dreams on hold. Aunt Trixi said maybe it’s because Boston wasn’t where I belonged, but she was wrong. I loved so much about that city. And now getting to know Andrew, well, that just added another item to that list.

I thought for sure he would insist on following me home, but instead, he said he’d pick up dinner and meet me there. I didn’t need anyone to follow me, but for some stupid and unexplainable reason, I was disappointed he hadn’t.

I used to know exactly what I wanted. It’s how I kept such a high GPA in college. I want something and work hard to make it happen. But now, I felt like I was walking on a picket fence, and no matter how careful I was, I’d fall. It was an unfamiliar feeling. For the first time ever, I was out of my depth. Probably because this is not where my heart or passion lies.

At least Andrew knew what he wanted. What he doesn’t know is that it can’t happen. I held the power of future happiness, and I could only bestow it on my family or on Andrew, not both. It was a no-brainer. Andrew came from one of the wealthiest families in Boston. So what? He loses this deal. It won’t affect the rest of his life, not like it will for my family.

I was hoping that tonight Andrew and I could talk about it. I know I’m the one who had been avoiding it, but I needed him to understand that I was not just being stubborn. My hands were tied and this was my path, whether I liked it or not.

I looked at the clock. I’d been home for almost an hour. Where on earth could Andrew be? He said he was picking up dinner and coming here. Everything was closed by now. Something must’ve happened.

It’s not like Andrew couldn’t take care of himself, but accidents happen. He’d given me his card and said to call him any time. I was getting worried about him, and that was a good enough reason for me. Now, where did I put that card?

I searched just about every place I thought I’d have put it. It was nowhere to be found. I knew Aunt Trixi had it, but it was so late to call. What choice did I have?

As I headed back to the living room to retrieve my cell phone, I saw headlights pulling up to the cabin. Thank God. I had to resist the urge to rush out the door and give him a piece of my mind for worrying me like that. It made no sense for me to be in a panic, but I couldn’t help how I felt.

Taking a deep breath, I slowly headed to the door and opened it. But when I did, it wasn’t his rental car in the driveway, but a police Jeep. I swear my heart stopped and I had to grab hold of the porch post. I steeled myself for the officer to get out and deliver horrific news.

Instead, it was the passenger’s door that opened, and out came Andrew. He’s okay! Only then did I breathe again. I practically ran down the steps to him. As I got closer, I noticed a white bandage on his left temple. He was hurt.

“Andrew, what happened?” I asked, my voice still a bit shaky.

“Do know you what we don’t have in Boston?” he asked. I shrugged, and he added, “Moose. And for the record, they are fucking huge in person.”

“You hit a moose?” I said, in shock.

“I did,” he said.

“Do you know how lucky you are to be alive?”

“Not sure alive is the right word,” he grumbled. He turned to the police officer and said, “Thanks for the lift.”

“No problem. And you can stop by the station for your report for your insurance company.”

Andrew nodded and turned back in my direction. “I can’t wait to get in a hot shower.”

I raised a brow and said, “Oh, no you don’t.”

“Why? Did you use all the hot water already?”

I smiled and said, “R.I.C.E.”

“Fuck!” he sighed. “An accident is different.”

“I’ll have to google that. While I do, you’re going on ice.” I wrapped an arm around his waist, and he rested his arm on my shoulder as I helped him up the stairs and into the house. I wasn’t sure he needed my help, but he was getting it. He didn’t resist.

Once he was settled on the couch with ice, I asked, “Can I get you anything else?”

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