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Damn it.I felt my cock throbbing for attention. I might just lose this challenge and it might be over even before we get started.

I was tempted to walk back to the couch, lay her down, and drive hard and fast into her. I don’t even think she’d resist. My hands cupped her ass and she moaned into my mouth as she pulled herself even closer in my embrace. I might think I’m in control, but apparently, she does, too.

No matter how hard it was to fight my own needs, I had to make sure all hers were met first. I want to hear her scream out my name and beg me for more.

All I knew was she was overdressed. So was I. My cock wanted out of the confines of these jeans. With her still in my arms, I asked, “Care to finish this challenge? My room or yours?”

As though my question just registered, her eyes widened. Fuck. This is going to end in another cold shower, isn’t it?

Instead, Anne said, “I’d have said the couch, but it’s easier to clean sheets.” She leaned in and nipped my right earlobe, then said, “My room.”

Without any hesitation and in long strides I entered her room, kicked the door shut, and laid her gently on the king bed. “I’m glad you chose this room. I only have a double.”

“If we got too cramped, I could always offer to be…on top,” she said, biting her bottom lip.

Are you really trying to get me to come in my shorts?She was fucking driving me wild with just her words. I couldn’t even imagine how I’d be able to hold back once she was around my cock.

I reached over and turned on the lamp beside her bed. I’d gotten a sample of what lay beneath all those clothes when she was in her towel. But tonight, I wanted to see every damn inch of her.

I started to strip off my clothes and Anne did the same, with a bit more difficulty since she was still on the bed. Nothing stopped her as she stripped off each layer. Only when we were both fully naked did I allow my eyes to break from hers, pausing every few inches to etch her body into my soul. When my eyes traveled back up I stopped. Her breasts were full and perky, waiting for the attention I was only too eager to give.

I stepped closer and climbed onto the bed, covering her sweet, cool body with mine. I inched myself a bit lower so my lips were just inches from her taut nipples. Lowering my head, I kissed, tugged, and nipped the first one until she moaned with pleasure. And when I twirled my tongue around her nipple and sucked it again her back arched off the bed and she moaned even louder.

This is just the beginning, sweetheart.

My hand reached up and cupped her other breast, rolling the nipple between my fingers. As my mouth moved from her breast to her neck, and then down between her two perfect peaks, Anne ran her fingers in my hair.

“Oh Andrew… I… oh Andrew…”

She still knew my name. The challenge was far from over.

I continued my exploration of her breasts, stopping only to nibble my way across her collarbone and up to her ear. When I nipped her earlobe she groaned, and when I ground my hips against her she did the same. She was ready, and I could easily slip my cock inside her, but not yet. I wanted her to come first.

“Sweetheart, don’t tease me. Not yet.”

Anne tugged at me impatiently. “Andrew, I want . . .” followed by an even deeper moan as I pinched her nipple gently.

Ignoring her pleas, I inched myself even lower. I licked and nipped her the entire way. She purred as my mouth crossed over her abdomen and came to rest on her hip.

“I need,” she moaned, “more.”

“And you shall have it. But I want all of you first.”

She wiggled her hips beneath me and parted her legs. “Yes, Andrew, I need you to…kiss me. Kiss all of…me…” she begged breathlessly.

I wasn’t about to deny her. I reached between her legs and slipped my fingers between her wet folds until I found her swollen clit. She shuddered against me and then opened her legs even farther.

“Is this what you want?” I asked as I slowly circled her clit. Her breathing increased and I knew I was bringing her even higher.

“I . . .I. . .oh . . ” She responded so softly, in half moans.

She wasn’t the only one who wanted more. My mouth was only inches from her core and I inhaled the sweet scent of her. I repositioned myself and blew on her, asking, “Or maybe this?”

“Yes. Please, Andrew. Please….” she begged.

I slipped one finger inside her and pulled it back out. “You’re so wet,” I said as I entered her again and again. Anne arched her back and gripped the sheets with each thrust of my finger. But when I circled her clit at the same time, her body trembled.

Growling, I said, “Damn it. I need to taste you.”