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“I’m going down to Boston in two days and I won’t be back in time to open The Treasured Chest up. Actually, I’m not sure I will even be back at all that night. Would it be possible for you to open and close for me?”

He smiled. “Sounds like the call went better than you expected.”

I nodded. “And the club is the only thing preventing me from implementing the plan.” I could always close the club for a night. But then I’d be risking the night’s income and have to explain that to Andrew when we worked things out. I smiled. When, not if. In my heart, I believed we had a future. I believed in us.

Ted said, “I’ll be happy to cover for you. And if you find you need an extended stay, just let me know.”

“Thanks. You are the most reliable bouncer I ever met.”

Ted laughed. “I’m not really a bouncer.”

My eyes widened. “You’re not? Then…why are you here?”

“Because Andrew asked Clark to send the best.”

“Bouncer,” I said.

“No. Protection. I actually run my own security company.”

“You what? And you’re here doing this?” I was flabbergasted.

“I got hired for a job. And trust me, this one comes with a lot better view than most,” Ted winked.

I rolled my eyes. “I can’t believe he did this.”

“Andrew must really care about you.”

I nodded and turned back to my office.

Yes, he does. He…loves me.

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