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Chapter Seven

‘Here you go, love.Wrap your hands around that.’ Elsie placed the mug of fresh coffee in front of Jessie before turning back to Simon. ‘Are you sure I can’t tempt you with a coffee and one of those cupcakes you like?’

‘As tempting as it is, Steve’s in the car and we’ve got a job to get to. Thank you, though.’ Simon nodded to Elsie before turning to Jessie. ‘See you around.’

‘Yes. Hopefully not stranded on the side of the road, though. Thank you again for helping.’

Simon nodded before turning and leaving the bakery kitchen.

‘Oh, love. That must have been a real shock for you.’ Elsie placed a hand on Jessie’s shoulder.

‘I’m really sorry about your car. It’s just been one thing after the other since I arrived. I’m so sorry for messing up.’ Jessie looked down into her mug. ‘Again.’

‘Hey. You’ve not messed up. You’ve just had a bit of a run of bad luck, but that doesn’t mean it can’t and won’t change. And it should be me apologising to you about the car. I would never have let you drive it if I’d known it had a dodgy tyre.’

‘I think I must have driven over something. It was driving fine just before.’

‘Well, whatever happened, I’m sure Scott will fix it. Now, how about I fix you up a bit of lunch and then you take the rest of the day off? Rest up after your ordeal.’

Taking a sip of her coffee, Jessie lowered her mug. ‘Honestly, I’m fine. I’d rather get on and work if that’s okay?’ The prospect of sitting in her room or going for a walk alone made her shudder. She’d had enough time to be left alone with her thoughts recently.

‘Okay, if you’re sure?’

‘I am. Thanks though.’ Standing up, Jessie picked up her mug. ‘I think I’ll look through the wedding plans ready for this afternoon’s meeting.’

‘Good idea. If I remember rightly Claire and Callum are seeing you and Wendy this afternoon. Lovely couple.’

Nodding, Jessie made her way through the bakery and into the small office behind the counter displaying wedding cakes. Sitting down, she pinched the bridge of her nose. Maybe Elsie was right, her luck would soon be changing. Was she crazy for even thinking Elsie could be right? Hoping? Probably. Her luck had seemed to be on the same downward spiral since she and Brad had broken up and if the last couple of days’ events had shown anything, travelling six hours down to Penworth Bay wasn’t going to be the catalyst of change she had been hoping for.

She supposed she’d just have to learn to live with it. Learn to live with being a magnet for bad luck. Yes, if she couldn’t change the path her life seemed intent on taking her, then maybe she’d just have to find a way to face it head-on. And maybe that started with becoming comfortable with helping Wendy plan other people’s weddings.

Yes, her and Brad’s wedding plans may have fallen flat before the venue had even been booked, but that didn’t mean that other people, the happy couples here in Penworth Bay, didn’t deserve their special day to be perfect.

Gulping down the rest of her coffee, she pulled the planner entitledClaire & Callumtowards her and began flicking through the pages. A purple and white theme. A wedding in a barn in the middle of a field. Maybe shecouldget excited about someone else’s wedding. It sounded beautiful.

‘Hey, how’s it going?’ Teresa walked in after the first knock and placed a tray on the table. ‘Elsie’s just told me what happened. Are you all right?’

Closing the planner, Jessie smiled. ‘I’m fine. Thanks. Even after almost totalling her car, Elsie’s been so lovely about it all.’

‘It’s not as though it’s your fault.’ Teresa began unloading the tray. ‘She said you hadn’t eaten, so I’ve brought you a cheese and onion pasty and a slice of lemon drizzle. I can swap them if you’d prefer?’

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