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‘No, that’s perfect. Thank you.’

‘Brilliant.’ Teresa turned back to the door. ‘I’d better get back. Annie will be in for her latte and cake anytime now, but if you need anything, just give me a shout.’

‘Will do. Thanks.’ With the smell of the freshly baked cheese and onion pasty filling the room, Jessie realised how hungry she was. Taking a bite, she held the pasty in her mouth, savouring the flavour.


‘HI, I’M SO SORRY Itook so long. We were literally waiting forever in the doctors’ surgery and then Hudson didn’t want to go back to the childminder’s house. I think it confused him me picking him up early. He thought it was time to go home.’ Wendy dumped her bag on the desk and pulled her phone out. ‘Thankfully, he finally settled, but I’ve promised to pick him up early.’

‘No worries. Was everything okay at the surgery?’

‘Yes, thanks. It was just a check-up.’ Sitting down, Wendy looked across at Jessie. ‘Is everything okay? You look as though you’ve seen a ghost.’

Bringing her hands to her cheeks, Jessie grimaced. ‘Yes, it’s fine. I just had a tyre blow on my way back here.’

‘Really? Wow, that’s crazy. Did you manage to change it?’

‘No. The car ended up on a grass verge and a couple of police officers stopped and rung Scott. I think that was his name? Anyway, he’s going to fix it.’

‘You ended up on a grass verge?’ Wendy’s eyes widened. ‘But you’re okay? You didn’t get hurt or anything?’

‘No, I’m fine.’

‘Good. That’s the main thing. Yes, it would have been Scott. He’s going out with Olivia. She used to volunteer here.’

‘Oh yes. I remember him saying now.’ Shifting in her chair, Jessie opened the planner again. ‘I’ve been having a look at Claire and Callum’s wedding plans. It looks great.’

‘Oh, it does, doesn’t it? They came in adamant that they wanted to get married in a barn, but it was a nightmare to find one, you know, a venue that hired barns for weddings. It would have been a different story if they’d started planning last year, but they came in three months ago, so most of the venues and certainly all of the ones they’d been hoping for were booked.’

‘That’s a shame. Where are they having it now?’ Jessie looked back at the planner.

‘In a barn still. Up at Chris’s sanctuary. He’s kindly let us use a little derelict barn at the back of one of his fields. There’s a lot that we need to do still to make their dream come true and with less than two weeks left, we’re going to be pretty busy.’

‘Two weeks until the wedding?’

‘Yep. Everything’s ordered, but the few days before the wedding are going to be absolute chaos as we turn a derelict barn into a wedding venue.’ Wendy raised her eyebrows. ‘It’ll be fun, though. I don’t think I’ve looked forward to a wedding we’ve planned as much as this one. It’ll be a challenge, but worth it. Hopefully.’

‘What’s this meeting about, then? If everything is ready to go?’ Jessie glanced at the clock. Claire and Callum were due to arrive in ten minutes.

‘We’re just tying up loose ends. So, we’ll check with them that the wedding dress and suit are all ready and we’ll confirm things are ready at our end. We’ll check all of their guests have RSVP’ed and they’re happy with everything.’ Wendy pulled a notebook and pen towards her.

‘Should be straightforward, then?’


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