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‘Go. Enjoy yourselves.’ Elsie grinned and waved them out.

Stepping out onto the cobbles, Jessie looked across at the ocean. ‘It really is beautiful here. I can imagine you never get bored of that view?’

‘No, definitely not. Well, I don’t think I ever will, anyway. Elsie still loves the view, and she’s been here for years, so I don’t think I will.’ Wendy slipped her arm through Connor’s.

‘Yep. Ian still loves it too, and he’s been living at the lighthouse ever since I can remember.’ Connor grinned. ‘We do need to get them to agree on a wedding date soon, though.’

‘Elsie and Ian?’

‘Yep. So, if you’ve any good ideas about how to encourage them, then please let us know.’ Connor chuckled.

Jessie laughed. ‘I’m probably the worst person to ask.’

‘Well, if you think of anything... The pub’s up here.’ Connor pointed up the hill.

‘I’ll let you know.’ Turning up the hill, Jessie smiled. After months of working in temporary jobs, she’d never been treated like this, like one of the permanent members of staff. Everyone had been nice, well, most people, but she’d always felt as though she was on the edge of any friendship groups, not privy to any office gossip or news. Yes, this was definitely different. Everyone she’d met so far just treated her as one of the gang, part of Elsie’s bakery family, as they called it. In their eyes, she was no different from them. She supposed they were used to having volunteers in the bakery, whereas some offices and places of work weren’t used to a higher turnover of staff. In some places, someone needed a decade of employment history with the company to be treated as a member of the team.

‘Our couple, Evelyn and Finley, have chosen the restaurant as their reception venue. We’ll have to try to remember to tell Daisy and Ollie tonight.’ Wendy rubbed Connor’s arm before turning to Jessie. ‘Connor works there.’

‘Daisy and Ollie can’t make it tonight.’

‘Oh really? How come?’ Wendy looked at Connor.

‘I don’t know. They didn’t give a reason. They just asked me to say hello to everyone.’

‘That’s a shame.’ Wendy nudged Jessie. ‘Look, Simon’s already waiting.’

Looking ahead to where Wendy was signalling, Jessie grinned. He was. He must have been waiting outside the pub and was now walking towards them.

‘Hi, Jessie.’ Reaching them, Simon leaned forward and kissed Jessie before turning and hugging Wendy and Connor. ‘Evening, Wendy. All right, Connor, mate?’

‘Good, mate. How are things going with you?’ Connor patted him on the back and raised his eyebrow, glancing in Jessie’s direction.

‘Great.’ Nodding, Simon took Jessie’s hand and pushed the pub door open, stepping aside and letting them go through first.


‘THERE YOU ARE. HI,you four. Do you all want a drink?’ Teresa held up a glass and a jug of orange-coloured cocktail.

‘Yes, please.’

‘Do you even need to ask?’ Wendy laughed as she turned to Jessie. ‘You know quite a lot of people, I think. You know Diane and next to her is her partner, Harry.’

‘Hi, Harry.’

‘Hey, good to meet you.’ Standing up, Harry gave her a quick hug.

‘Next to Harry is Diane’s sister, Lauren, and her partner, Charlie. Then you know Brooke, Max and Heidi. That’s Heidi’s partner, Liam. You know Scott and that’s Olivia. And that’s Paige and Owen.’

Scott stood up and held his hand out towards Jessie’s. ‘Good to see you again.’

‘You too. And thanks again for fixing Elsie’s car.’

Nodding, Scott sat back down. ‘Daniel and Carrie asked me to say hi and give their apologies for not coming. Some emergency at the dogs’ home they volunteer at or something.’

‘Is that everyone here who’s coming then?’ Teresa looked around the group. ‘Freya and Chris might come but they’re always late, anyway. Molly and Jude are on holiday and Gemma and Matt can’t make it. How about Daisy and Ollie?’

‘Nope, they can’t make it either.’ Connor took a long sip of his drink.

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