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‘Fantastic. No. I’ll speak to Daisy and Ollie and get the relevant paperwork sent across to you to confirm your booking. All you need to do is get back in touch as soon as you’ve decided on your theme and then we can look into options for decorating the venue.’ Standing up, Wendy held out her hand.

‘Thank you.’

As they shut the door behind them, Wendy tucked the photo album away.

‘Oh, was everything okay with Daisy and Ollie in the end, do you know?’ Jessie quickly checked to see if Simon had messaged again. Nothing.

‘Daisy and Ollie? I didn’t realise anything was wrong in the first place. Are they okay?’

‘Elsie had to run to meet them with Ian the other day. It’s none of my business. I was just wondering.’ She shouldn’t have said anything. She hardly knew Elsie, let alone Daisy and Ollie.

‘Oh, I don’t know. I saw Daisy yesterday, and she seemed fine. Really happy. They both did.’ Wendy shrugged. ‘Whatever it was, it must have been easily sorted.’

‘Yes.’ Jessie nodded.

Chapter Seventeen

Jessie pulled on herjeans and wriggled her toes. She hadn’t worn jeans in ages, months probably, but after spilling coffee down her skirt earlier and her other ones in a heap on her floor waiting for her to wash them, she hadn’t much choice. Besides, it was chilly outside and when the sun disappeared for the night, it would only get colder.

Standing up, she shrugged into her cardigan and pulled the door open. Simon was meeting her at the pub for the quiz, so she’d arranged to walk over with Wendy and Connor and, by the sounds of the laughter and shrieking coming from the living room next door, they’d already arrived to drop little Hudson off.

‘Evening, Jessie. Good to see you again.’ Stepping forward, Connor hugged her as she walked into the living room.

‘Nice to see you again, too.’ Jessie grinned and waved at Hudson as he held up a blue car for her to see. ‘Ooh, that’s a nice car.’

‘All right, love? I hope these lot are treating you well?’ Standing up from the sofa, Ian hugged her shoulders.

‘Yes, thanks. And I want to apologise again for getting water everywhere at the lighthouse the day I arrived.’

‘Don’t mention it.’ Dismissing her apology with a wave of his hand, Ian sat back down. ‘You youngsters have a good time tonight, won’t you?’

‘We will.’ Bending down, Wendy kissed Hudson on the top of his head. ‘Love you, Huddy. Be a good boy for Nana Elsie and Grampy Ian.’

‘Oh, he will be, won’t you, Huddy?’ Elsie tickled his feet before pushing another car down the ramp of a wooden toy garage.

‘Thank you.’ Shrugging into her coat, Wendy bent down and hugged Elsie.

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