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‘You didn’t mean to dump me?’

‘No! Not at all. I was trying to be strong. For you. So you could leave if you wanted to. I didn’t want to get between you and your family.’ He walked the few short steps towards her.

Now he was closer, she could see that the oil mark on his forehead was covering a gash. Reaching out, she wiped his forehead with the sleeve of her cardigan. ‘You’re bleeding.’

‘Am I?’ Shrugging, he took her hand in his. ‘I’m sure I’ll survive.’

‘I’m sure you will.’ She smiled. She’d missed his touch. ‘Did you mean it?’

‘Mean what?’

‘That you still want to be with me?’

Chuckling, he took her other hand. ‘Look at the bags under my eyes. I didn’t sleep a wink and judging by the bags under yours, you didn’t either.’

‘Charming!’ Pulling her hands away, she laughed. ‘I’m not sure if I want to be with someone who tells me I have huge bags under my eyes.’

‘You may have bags under your eyes, but you’re still gorgeous.’ He grinned and took her hands again.

‘Now I know you’re sleep-deprived.’ Laughing, she leaned in closer, quickly covering the small gap between them. Bringing her hands behind his head, she pulled him closer still and smiled as his lips touched hers.

Pulling slightly away, Simon looked into her eyes. ‘I know it’s still early days, but I honestly think I love you, Jessie Bentley.’

Grinning, she moved her hand to the nape of his neck. ‘It is early days, but I love you too, Simon Groves.’


With the sea lappingat her ankles and Simon’s arms around her waist, Jessie looked out across the ocean.

‘I can’t believe you’re going back home tomorrow.’ Simon’s voice was quiet, a whisper against her ear.

‘It won’t be for long. I’ve already applied for five jobs. Three in Trestow. You never know, I might be moving back sooner than we thought.’ She tightened her grasp on his hands. Yes, she was moving back home, but it wouldn’t be for long. ‘You’re still going to visit at the weekend, aren’t you?’

‘Of course. Wild horses couldn’t keep me away.’ He kissed her on the nape of her neck.


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