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‘Jessie! Simon! Come on over here, we’ve got something to tell you all.’

Turning, Jessie spotted Ollie waving his hands above his head. They’d set trestle tables up on the sand below the restaurant and brought a BBQ down. With all the food eaten, the bakery family were now sitting, lounging or standing around talking. ‘We should get back to everyone.’

‘We should.’ Simon nodded; his hands still clasped around her.

‘Come on.’ Laughing, she pulled his hands apart and led him towards the group of people she was now confident enough to call friends.

‘There’s room here.’ Wendy patted the picnic rug next to her as Connor played with Hudson, burying plastic dinosaurs in the sand.

Ollie cleared his throat and indicated Daisy to come and join him as he stood in front of the huddle of picnic rugs. ‘Thank you all for coming. We asked you to join us because...’ A flush of red spread across his neck as he looked at Daisy.

‘What? You mean you didn’t ask us for our outstanding company?’ Owen laughed before holding up his hands. ‘Sorry!’

‘Ha-ha. Yes, I did, but there’s another reason as well.’ Ollie cleared his throat again. ‘We’re having a baby!’

‘Oh wow! Daisy, you’re pregnant?’ Standing up, Freya rushed across to her.

‘Yes, yes, I am!’ Laughing, Daisy rubbed her belly. ‘I’m so glad we’ve told you all now. It’s been complete torture keeping it quiet!’

Wendy nudged Jessie. ‘Look at Elsie and Ian. They must have known.’

Jessie looked across at where Elsie and Ian were sitting, huge grins were spread across their faces, but they remained seated, letting everyone else jump up and offer their congratulations. ‘It looks like it.’

‘I bet that was what was so urgent that night when Daisy and Ollie asked them both over. Do you remember? You told me.’

‘Oh, yes.’ Jessie nodded, grinning. ‘Yes, I bet that was it.’

‘Elsie, Ian!’ Leaning across Connor and Hudson, Wendy called to get Elsie and Ian’s attention.

‘Yes, Wendy, love?’ Elsie wiped happy tears from her eyes.

‘You both knew, didn’t you?’

Elsie looked across at Ian before taking his hand. ‘We may have done.’

‘Ha-ha. I knew it!’ Wendy laughed. ‘Come on, Huddy, let’s go and say congratulations. Daisy is going to be a mummy.’

‘You too, Jessie. Let’s go and get in the queue.’ Standing up, Simon grinned and held out his hands.

Taking his hands, she let him pull her up. ‘Yes. It’s amazing news.’ She grinned.

‘It sure is.’ Wrapping his arms around her, he whispered in her ear. ‘That’ll be us soon.’

‘Aw, I love you.’

‘I love you too.’ Holding her hand, he led the way towards Daisy and Ollie. ‘Congratulations.’ Kissing Daisy on the cheek, he turned to Ollie, taking his hand and patting him on the back.

‘Congratulations, Daisy. It’s wonderful news.’ Smiling, Jessie hugged her.

‘Thank you. We’re really excited.’ Daisy looked across at Ollie, who nodded at her. ‘And we’ve actually got something to ask you.’


‘Yes. I’ll be going on maternity leave in a few months and up until then, I’d quite like to take things a little easier, so we were wondering if you’d like to join us at the restaurant. If you’re still looking for work, that is?’

‘You’re offering me a job?’ Jessie widened her eyes.

‘Yes, if you’d like one.’ Daisy laughed.

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