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At least I’m not alone anymore.

While I pour all my affection out on my puppy, I can’t help but think that Viktor has really gone out of his way to make my stay pleasant.

He could’ve thrown me in the basement and tortured and killed me.

God, things could’ve been so much worse for me if one of the other four had taken me. Nikolas Stathoulis would’ve killed me.

I’ll never admit it out loud, and I’ll only think it this once – maybe Viktor did save me.

Chapter 12


God damn, the powerful emotions I felt when I heard Rosalie laugh scared the shit out of me.

I watched her fall in love with Luna and got jealous of a puppy.

After cleaning up and putting the leftover pizza in the fridge, I lock up and switch all the lights off. Taking the stairs up, I go to Rosalie’s room and softly open the door. She’s curled up on the bed, fast asleep, with Luna snuggled against her chest. She didn’t even change out of the dress. The fabric is bunched high around her thighs, giving me a glimpse of black lace panties.


Luna’s eyes open, she takes one look at me, then falls asleep again.

Lucky dog.

I walk closer and carefully pull the covers over Rosalie’s legs, then get my ass out of the room and shut the door.

Today was a win in my book. With a smile playing around my mouth, I head to my bathroom and turn on the faucets in the shower.

I strip out of the suit I had to wear for the meeting with a prospective arms dealer early this morning.

Stepping under the warm spray, I replay the day in my mind. I got more than one smile out of Rosalie. It wasn’t a perfect birthday, but at least she laughed, which is more than I had hoped for.

I keep seeing Rosalie’s smile and how fucking gorgeous she looked in the dress. The woman has the sexiest fucking legs I’ve ever seen. I have to admit, I missed seeing them. She’s kept them covered in jeans since she got here.

I need to buy her more dresses and get rid of all the jeans.

I squirt body wash into my palm, and when my hands glide over my skin, I remember the interest in Rosalie’s eyes when she saw me in the suit.

She might hate me, but I’m sure she’s attracted to me.

My fingers wrap around my semi-hard cock, but instead of washing myself, I start to thrust into my fist.

I never jerk off. If I need to release some tension, I get a woman. But the thought of going out and finding a warm pussy holds no appeal for me since Rosalie moved into my house. And most of the women pale in comparison to my Little Rose.

I brace a hand on the wall and let the spray of water hit the back of my neck, and as my thoughts turn to the first time I saw Rosalie lying on her bed with her perfect ass in those tight shorts, I thrust harder, wishing I was balls deep inside her.

My fist tightens until pleasure trickles through my body.

Jesus, what I’d give to have her fingers wrapped around me while she looks at me with those soft brown eyes.

I lose myself in what it felt like to hold her body against mine when I had to restrain her, what a turn-on it was to feed her, and how hot it made me whenever she tried to fight back.

My fist pumps my hard-on until I’m breathless, my mind filled with images of Rosalie.

Christ, I wish I could feel her bare skin against mine.

When I bring up the memory of Rosalie lying beneath me with my fingers wrapped around her throat, her hips bucking to get me off, the orgasm explodes through me.

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