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“We should take you to see a doctor!”

I shook my head. “No, Mom. Really, I’m okay. It could’ve been worse. But Bear saved me.”

“Who’s Bear?”

“He came into the store a few days ago. He’s a member of a motorcycle club, too, like Duncan. And I’m in love with him.” There, I said it. I knew deep inside that I’d fallen in love with him the moment he walked into my store, and I looked into his eyes as blue as mine.

Pops snatched his keys from the kitchen counter. “You two stay here. I’m going to find that no-good son of mine and talk or beat some sense into him!” He stormed out the door and drove off in the station wagon.

Chapter 8


IrodealongwithCain and Rex to our clubhouse late afternoon the next day. We kicked the stands down, climbed off our bikes, and passed around a lit joint. A few minutes later, Diezel pulled in, along with his VP, Jagger, and Mace. Diezel had daggers in his eyes as he climbed off his bike. A fast-moving thunderstorm came through when the six of us went inside the clubhouse and sat together at the table. Cain sat at his spot at the head of the table, and Diezel sat at the other end.

Diezel got the endorsement from his mother chapter in Baltimore to patch the Hellions over. Diamond clubs along the mid-Atlantic coast knew who Stryker was and heard the story of how he avenged the deaths of his brother and pregnant ol’ lady. He pulled a lot of weight and controlled the drugs and underground fighting in Baltimore.

Cain would become the Prez of the new Petersburg Chapter, Rex the VP, and I would keep my position as Sgt. at Arms. Mace was delegated to be the overseer of the new chapter, making sure we abide by Berzerker Bylaws and attend church for the next six months.

Then Diezel threw in the one condition as he pointed a finger at me. “And you. Stay the fuck away from Holly. I’m keeping her out of the club life.”

I shook my head slowly as I stared at him. “It’s too late, Diezel. She belongs to me now.”

Diezel stood, clenching his fists. “She’s not some fucking club whore, motherfucker!”

“Even though Holly is your little sister, she’s a grown woman. She can make her own decisions. And I’m pretty sure she wants me to stick around since I just had her in my bed yesterday morning.”

I did a sideways glance at Mace as he raked a hand through his hair. Guilt was written all over his face for giving Holly my address. I wanted to keep that little bit of info I could use over Mace someday if I needed it.

“You and me outside,” Diezel growled at me through clenched teeth.

I stood from my chair. “Let’s do this.”

The six of us stepped outside the clubhouse. The clouds opened up and rain poured down, soaking us as Diezel shrugged his rags off and handed them to Mace. I did the same, handing mine to Cain. He came at me with the first throw landing a hard jab to my lip. A good one too, as I’d underestimated him.

I tasted blood and wiped it from my lip, then I smiled at him. “Now, it’s my turn.”

My knuckles smashed into Diezel’s nose, and blood spurted all over his face, some of it landing on me too. I leaned in, grabbed him around the waist, and took him down to the asphalt. Bits and pieces of gravel and glass dug into our skin as we wrestled, pounding our fists into each other’s faces and ribs.

My last hard punch was to Diezel’s dick and he roared with pain.

He let me go as both his hands went to his crotch. “You cunt! That’s a cheap fucking shot!”

I sat back, panting. “Yeah, well, I don’t fight fair. I fight dirty.”

We both stood to catch our breath, Diezel hunched over, still holding his dick. Then the rain suddenly stopped and the sun came peeking out through the dark clouds as they drifted away.

He spat a wad of blood, and it landed on my boot. “If I get even a whiff from anyone that you hurt Holly, I’ll kill you.” He took his rags back from Mace, putting it back on. He limped back to his bike as Mace and Jagger followed behind.

Diezel climbed back on his bike, revving his throttle a few times before hollering over to Cain, “Hold church with your club and get a tally on who’s patching over as Berzerker and who won’t. And those who won’t, they’re on their own. And every member turns in their colors and we’ll burn them Saturday night at the patch over party.”

Holly met me over at my trailer later that afternoon. She hurried through the door, wearing a long flowy dress with flowers on it, and jumped on me. Wrapping her arms around my shoulders, she squealed as I grabbed her soft little ass cheeks in my hands. I sported a hard-on straightaway. Then she noticed I was soaking wet and saw my cut lip and the scrapes on my arms from the gravel and glass. I only filled her in on the fight I just had with Diezel.

Holly’s brows shot up. “You punched him in the dick?”

I chuckled. “Yeah. He was just as surprised as you look right now. But it’s settled between him and me. At least for now.”

I grunted when Holly smashed her soft lips against mine. We couldn’t get enough of each other. I wanted Holly underneath me that instant. She hiked her dress up and wrapped her legs around me as I carried her to the couch. My hand moved up under her dress, over her thigh to her warm soft center.

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